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Well hello ladies and gentlemen ! ! !

I will be using this thread as a journal. I think it is important to express your feelings and thoughts in the poker world. Especially if you have no friends "In the real world" That can relate to poker.

As most off you already know they give you a £10 cash ticket to be used at the £0.2/0.4 stakes. My goal is to never deposit there and run initial £10 up too £500. I will be playing the freerolls too.

I know what you are thinking . . . well £500 ... that's easy i can do that .. no wait ... even a blind donkey can do that !! Well you don't know me Big Smile

In the past i was new and rather uneducated with my free NDB, But i would like to think i am much better now. I have read a few books and watched a ton of videos on strategy.

This will also teach me the real meaning of bankroll management !

Speak tomorrow with my 1st update !

x x x x Heart

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Good luck to you on your venture. I dont think anybody thinks that it is easy to turn $10 into $500.If you could do this it would be a fantastic achievement indeed. Please post regular updates and i wish you all the luck

Very best of luck Thumbs Up

...It certainly isn't going to be easy multiplying your bankroll by 50, but with effort and perseverance, it's definitely achievable.

The hardest thing I've found about growing a bankroll from such a small amount, is that you're limited to what games you can play early on... and one or two unlucky rivers and your roll can be gone in moments... I can't remember much about Unibet, but from what I do remember, they have SNG tournies starting at a very low buy-in - I think that might be a good place to start, while maybe supplementing your bankroll by playing as many of their freerolls as you can.

I'm sure you'll do just fine Smile

Posted by TellNolies:
As most off you already know they give you a �10 cash ticket to be used at the �0.2/0.4 stakes.

That's only 2.5 buyins, you'll need very good luck starting out, not to go bust with only a $10 cash ticket.
Good luck! Let us know how you get on, either way...


So with my ticket in hand i bought in for the maximum allowed £4. Thing's started slowly and i was rather card dead & when i did pick up a decent hand i had no action Sad I soon sussed out who was the fish at the table.

20 mins go by then my eyes light up and heart starts to pound . . . . . i get AA in the big blind, "please don't fold i am shouting at the screen" One by one they start folding away.. I think to myself oh great here we go. Then the fish raises to 0.60... the person next to him obviously knows he is a fish & raises all in for £3.85 . . . . . I let my time go down and think ........ hmmm this person must have a real hand.. I CALL !!
"FISH Calls"
I am praying to the poker gods please hold up !! please !!

Random shows KK fish shows 66 v my AA


I am screaming no 5 no 5 no 5 ... . . . . . "would hate to lose to the fish like that"

And the RIVER . . . . . . . . . .

to be continued .... . . . . . . .
Aww crap! Aww crap! Big Smile
The river 2 !!!

Big Smile we picked up just over £11 in the pot happy days.

Since that moment i have not really looked back, I unlocked a £4 fast holdem ticket a £1 bonus, won entry to the ub open sat, x2 qualified for the £10 ub open, only to get sucked out on 1 card flush KK vs A2 all hearts on the board. I also still have a £10 ticket for the ub open sat.

So it's a great start Big Smile

original ticket value of £10 is now at £17.13 & the £4 ticket is now at £37.51 Cool I must say it's my 1st time playing fast holdem and i love it !! I see it on FT and PS but it did not really appeal to me.

Till next time. may the poker gods be with you all Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart xxx

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Nice start, keep it up Smile

Very nice start indeed but you need to be VERY careful with fast poker and massive downswings, it happens all the time.

My advice would be to play very carefully if you start to have a bad streak. Good luck and keep us posted!

Definitely don´t expect, that everything will go well all the time.
The variance is cruel and with your starting bankroll and stakes you play, there is quite a big chance, that you will bust your bankroll.

I wish you good luck!

Cheers for the words of wisdom !!

Just a quickie ... just met the requirements for the £4 free ticket Big Smile

Now the question is do i move to SnGs or stick to fast holdem ??

Also just recived a £4 plo ticket... although i am not great at it, I love this site !! There rewards are second to none !! Big Smile

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Posted by TellNolies:
My goal is to never deposit there and run initial �10 up too �500. I will be playing the freerolls too.

Now THAT is more of a realistic goal... The part about NEVER depositing there Big Smile,...not so much the part about turning the initial £10 into £500.

Personally, I don't set goals in poker,...but rather have BIG hopes instead....!

So I can only say that I HOPE you pull it off and win MORE than your goal...!!! Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

well 1st of all best of luck (it's never a bad thing to have her on your side in poker) and secondly...wait there's no secondly. just a note- 10 to 500 is achievable, but majority of us here have more experience at achieving 500 to 10, so if you make it, then you deserve a fat pat on your back Thumbs Up

So, how are things running with your game? It will not be as easy as some may say. Most of us have already got the hands on a nice first prize (each one consider it as you want, for me the big prize was 65€ betting €0.50) but things don't always run that well. It will also depend on what you play and the way you do your bankroll management, that is the truth. Defining how much do you need to reach in order to step up to a bigger buy-in or a bigger amount invested on each ring table. GL!

Well good lunk on your challenge
I want to ask you how do you get those tickets in unibet (4£ PLO ticket and others) ! Is that a promo from BM or just by earning rewarding points and vip program
GL !

You had a nice start there. If you can cash some money out, then keep playing that
fast holdem and you may keep getting lucky, building that bankroll even higher.
Congratulations and good luck.

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