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Ok how often do you guys actually run into those... i lost a count of how many times my QQ/KK ran into aces ... or generally something just a bit stronger than what you are holding?

Just a few hands ago i got AKs as bb, and sb raised as usual, i re and he shoves... so obvoiously i call and he shows KK :/ seriously, sb vs bb in zoom? im getting tired of it Big Smile And a few hands later, this one happens (

but this is a whole new level of setups. Usually, you get a qq vs kk/aa etc.

we both flopped a set.. lol and once he shoved i was pretty much sure he doesnt have flush but thats kinda irrelevant.
I actually feel sorry for that guy, just watched some hands where some deepstacked person won another $6 with 65 (pair of 6's and he bet it like his life depends on it, on a board of AKTxx) :=)

speaking of which, do not ever watch zoom hands... most of those hands will make you cry (:

On Zoom 80% of the players roll out strictly premium hands therefore when the time comes that you see a flop or two, these kind of things going to happen. Thats why the remaining 20% is plays like a LAG or maniac using this simple truth to gain some edge.
Especially on a shorthanded table, where waiting only 4 a monster or two to take down huge pots its far from being profitable.

Cheers nice hand yeah setups can be cruel especially in zoom,. where losing one hand can make you play the next hundred hands on tilt and you will lose more stack and this will multiply until you can gain back your composure. So play zoom if you have a strong mindset otherwise avoid it like plague. Anyway good luck at the tables hope you win more hands like this, that is why i do not play low pairs so i do not get beat by higher set!

yea bowie thats what im well aware of, when it comes to zoom many people play ONLY premium hands, and not just 'premium' but upper tier of premium hands ladder, if that makes sense Tongue

yea ive won my fair share by playing not so premium hands myself, but still it doesnt answer my question - im not even debating someone from ep raising with kk and u get caught as sb with AQ or TT idk but more like ... sb vs sb or lp vs sb/bb ?

i agree how both topic name and my initial post could be seen as a bit misleading.

So long story short, i was talking about late position vs sb/bb setups, which happen quite often, me at least it happens to me Tongue. But maybe that too could be zooms fault, because in zoom positions dont really mean that much?

maybe ill take ur advice heskor, and stay away from zoom. Im a semi-winning micro player, but been on a downswing for last few sessions before my break and yes i agree how zoom can really make you tilt much much easier so it really is something quite different to normal ring game :=p

cheers and thank you both for your replies

Collisions happening frequently, its not fishy nor unique its just the way their RNG works.
They probably using a different algorythm for the different p.oker games, that is why you noticed.
On 6max seats there is not too many room between one, two or three players having monsters at the same time, but yeah - its nothing sort of a miracle, I used to see these kind of things on plenty SNGs, MTTs...

Zoom or rush poker should be played totally different compared to regular cash poker tables...

Most of the time you should expect monster hands on zoom/rush, that one of the reasons for which i only play omaha on these fast poker games!

aye,i know what you mean Theapple,sitting in the sb and you get KK you bet and you get a re-raise then it's all-in and the bb turns over AA Shock
That sort of thing happens all the time and usually i've got the under pair. Smile

now behave there apple, be happy with life and the fact that your qq runs into kk and loses, kk vs aa jj vs kk etc. and not other way round (aa vs jj = loss, kk vs 36o= loss) what really pisses me off is that whenever i play with some rag, or some sh1tty suited hand, it seems that 90% of the time whenever someone calls he has a or k and one same card i have, even whe i call or go all in with such monster like 47o someone calls me holding a4 or a7 and that reall improves my odds

This is the best way of describing a cold deck. The hands play themselves and when both players hit their sets, the only outcome is that both stacks would be going into the middle. Very nice for Aces not so nice for Queens!!

Posted by pochui: even whe i call or go all in with such monster like 47o someone calls me holding a4 or a7 and that reall improves my odds

haha yea happens to me all the time, AQ vs AK , KQ vs AQ etc etc and ofc to make things more interesting, thats when i usually hit my top pair (or trips, happened a few times too, so no running back from those, like you can do with top pair-not so top kicker (or TPnsTK as i call it) on heavy action).

but from the looks of it, it really looks like playing not so premium hands is actually the way to go on micro zoom, and as i got a br i can play with, without fears of going busto that easily, im gonna give that tactic a shot soon :=o

so dont be surprised when turtle cracks ur full house with quad 2's with my pocket 26s.


Of course its the way to go - the optimal tactic is always the complete opposite of what the others do - and you will know at least three out of five times whats their range.
Dont shove preflop, but try to see as many flops as you could do with every connector, suited connector and pocket pair.
From late position try to steal blinds and sometimes reraise if the first bet came from oop. If you got a reraise after that they will hold a monster in 95% of the time.

This is poker, bad things will happen no matter what you do.

Btw, a normal opponent WILL HAVE a good starting hand when he joins a raised pot and you have to be aware of it. Plus in 6 or 9 people the chance, that at least 2 people get a very good starting hand is VERY probable. And sometimes more players will hit monster hands after the flop, nothing rigged in it, this is just how it is.

I have been REPEATEDLY hammered by sets for the last few days,...and not only on ONE site,...but all 3 that I play... PS, FT,...and PP... No matter what I do, what I play,...or how I play them....BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM....etc...
Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

The poker gods are TOTALLY indiscriminate.... They are not prejudiced against any site...! Confused

Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!


no seriously, just look at this hand Big Smile

I get those all the time. I get a nice two pair and they get a straight after chasing.

its not just that though

by turn, both guys had a fuc%$(g open straight flush draw Big Smile one of them even had royal flush draw too.


just checked some of my yesterdays zoom hands, when i coulnt really hit anything lol

but... stars, really?

AA vs AKs vs KK Big Smile

no really, what are actual odds of such a hand happening, on 6 max Aww crap!

Haha when this happens i slam my keyboard on the wall, crash my mouses, kick my cats and then slam my screen on the floor and go to eat. Big Smile

Nah it hurts a lot but this is the hands that you wish happens to you as they will make good drinking stories with your buddies and so on. I love these hands and it is even better when it is you on the other side, like you one outered this dude for the 6 figures jackpot or something lol.

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