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I'll never manage to reach a final table ever..  0   
I don't think I will ever manage to reach a final table or win a MTT or Freeroll ever. I try as hard as I can. Whenever I am in one and for hours I am playing great then with every all in when I am ahead PF, or the flop people always suck out on me. This happens when I have great chances to push ahead and make my stack bigger. You know when you know you should win and gain a big stack but some crappy hand wins.

Take the freeroll I just played for 3 hours. All game I was ahead of the average chip stack or in the top half of the board but as soon as I get chances to double or triple up I always lose. QQ I lose against 99 and AK(9 on flop, I hit a flush on turn and river gifts a fullhouse, KQ loses to K7, JJ losing to everything, etc. All freeroll I have played probably the best I have ever have but as usual the game will not let me go any further. Last hand I had the best pair and a flush draw on the turn, but the river gifted the bigger stack a set up straight when he went all in with 77. Large stack always wins.

The few players here who can and have won or make final tables of proper mtt's I salute you with happiness and jealousy, but for me I never think it will happen again when the idiots and worse hands always will beat me. I actually thought I could make the final table but as usual it wont go my way. That K7 against my KQ still hurts.

Anyone else feel the same or have felt the same as this?

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i do,ive come to the thought that i can never win... Sad Sad Sad
but its gonna kick some arse and take notes,read more and take down some tourneys...
come on Phisix,get your headx straight,ignore the bad beats and "shuffle up and deal"
good luck on the felts buddy... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Luckily I'm getting more than my fair share of final tables and outright wins in freerolls and microstakes.
One thing that I do notice though, that I recognize the same people again and again on final tables, which seems to suggest that they are doing something right, getting there more often.

For me the best thing for going deeper, has to do with reconizing the different stages in an MTT, and play accordingly. And picking good spots to either double up or bust, when you're getting short stacked.

Oh come on Phisix of course you will just keep percevering and it will come. Thumbs Up
I have made 3 in the last couple of days at Full Tilt in the BRM freerolls so if i can do it anyone can, [8-

gl at the tables.

And iit's like marqis said it's just getting that double up at the right time, Thumbs Up

When i started playing i had the same problem, but eventually if you keep up the effort, you will get there! I must say that starting to play for 1 dollar tournaments instead of freerolls will increase your chances because skill is starting to be more important then luck with so many donks from fishes.

what site are you playing mtt's on?

cheer up there mobbit, i testify that if you continue to put in the effort, continue to improve your game and keep your head on your shoulders you will get those final tables for sure. look at pro's they suffer "final table drought" for very long periods as well. don't feel down it's just a normal thing, consider what are the odds of making the final table in say 10K field? 9/10000...not big right?

Posted by Phisix:

the flop people

Maybe you mean Mr Soft. He's a floppy person.

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Alot of people think like this when they get so close to the final table. I think that you must be doing something right to get as close to the final table as you have done and my advice would be to keep doing the same things and you will get there

if u playing big fields u must understand its huge variance involved.
Work on ur game , watch videos and read articles on training sites.
If u have money to invest get a coach and ur game will go sky high.

gl with ur games Smile

Just play small field MTTs.. Playing MTTs on PKR is great for your self confidence, you reach final tables every time you're in the money. Somtimes you reach final tables even when you're not in the money.

I feel the exact same its ridiculous and annoying now I'm ending up in situations where I am all-in but actually way ahead and losing to miracle cards its so frustrating. I know its poker and it happens but its just feels like I am the unluckiest person in the world. I think its hopeless unless you are lucky because the calls people make in these tournaments would never happen in paid tournaments theres just too many donkey callers who get lucky as hell.

Just keep trying and dont convince yourself that You are the unlucky one.

In my opinion it also depends on which pokerroom you are playing.

I had some final tables on PKR , MTT like 100 people, it's quite easy to get there.

Just try to play smaller ones , and dont play the higher buy ins, if you managed to win some cheaper Cool

Well you should be happy about how you play currently you get the chance to run well whereas I go out early most of the time, maybe work on your late phase and pray the poker gods to be on your side. Or play more tourneys as this will reduce variance and if you play several at the same time, less time to get bored and more chance to go to the final table. Volume is key in MTT. just one big score will be enough right?

I don't know how many players there are at your mtt's but say there 800 people registered and you want to be at the final table? Than you belong to the best 1% of the mtt!!!

I think with the low payout percentage, espescially in freerolls, getting in the money is just great enough!

If you manage to be in that 1% often than you can call yourself a pro!

You will get there if you continue to play, you need to understand that not only you neeed to be a good player to be 1st on a tournament but you also need to have luck!

As i said if you continue to play it's just a matter of time until you'll be the first on a tournament. Good luck!

If you keep trying you will manage to reach one. Of course if you are entering tournaments with too many players, you have way less chances of hitting one.
Try tournaments with a small player field, or even sngs that have a good return.

I have the PERFECT remedy for your quagmire Phizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzix....

Just boogie on over to Party Poker and get in on a few of the $15 Freebies...!

I've gotten to more final tables in those in the last few weeks than I have ANYwhere else in the last few months....!!!

The payoffs aren't all that big,...but the elation of feeling like a real pro can't be beat...! Confused

I am not expecting to reach a final table every day but I have reached a few final tables and freerolls and MTT's(Even won a small one once) but when I am playing great and really tearing it up the all ins past the money or just before always goes against me. I think that is what has been stopping me going further lately.

You will, but you have to play a lot of tournaments, because the FT finishes are very rare.

If you would be playing 50 tournaments a day, you would see yourself on a FT every few days.

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