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Hello guys, i'd like to get some banner of this site to amplify my daily volume of mob points bacausa it's really poor by now.. anyone can help me? Tnx

i think we all hard time to find nerw menbers. i think people are out in the summer.
But it comes. My onlyproblem are my members dont gets any bonuses Aww crap! Aww crap!

It is summer and the weather is g8. So poker is limited to evening and nights. This that goes for my friends as well and therefore not that much traffic on the affiliation side.
But a lot of game on the poker sites......
And for reasons unknown to me not that many are clicking on my is poker, its free... why do they not think it is a g8 offer......

cauzif people think its free on the internet ,the automatically think its a skam.if only all players took up brms offers,then we would have alot more offers. Blink

I like this site as you can enjoy a lot of offers, where other sites only let u pick one offer, so i can get more poker cash Smile Cool

So you guys are in the same situation as mine Sad today a friend is coming to my place to get subscribed Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile He told me he doesn't care to give his ID away if it's worth money!!! thats good!!!!

Congrats Demon, i'm still waiting for my first member Evil And i agree with Scl1975 says everyone thinks it is scam, but on the other hand, I coulden't believe it myself either in the beginning Blink
And now i'm play poker almost every single day Club

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really to find members in july and august is real difficult
all my friends are in hollydays
and my familly too there are not many players in rooms

the summer is not season of poker thats all lol

Big Smile

This post by dlshad has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
dlshad, don't mess up the forums. Admin doesn't like it Smile

I asked BRM department team to make me a banner and they said they'll do it so just waiting Smile

most people i asked to create an account over through my link had a problem with the phone verification,wich is complete dumb,like they getting tracked by the cia or soemthing but i can understand it somehow,since people are getting scammed almost everywhere these days it is hard to trust in stuff like brm especially the fact that its free makes people become alittle sceptical,
most people that clicked on my link where guys i knew from playing against them online Cool

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