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Sexy Hostess 02

Looking for the best poker TV presenter ...

I will begin posting photos presenting poker.

The second image today is impressive former WPT hostess and

TV hostess Courtney Friel.

Get off the felt, women! People are trying to play poker!

....jeeeez, some people huh? Blink

Not well understood. but if you think it is wrong published ...

I will post the following post in another category.

To avoid any problems publishes "off-Topic"

Thanks for your contribution


Sorry for the confusion Leoberra... It was just my idea of a joke. Most people who speak good English don't understand me either, so I wouldn't worry about it Big Smile

Mmmm, that´s one hell of a sexy hostess.

Evil Evil Evil Evil

Courtney Friel is a TV personality, best known for being a hostess on Travel Channel’s World Poker Tour (WPT). Courtney has been working in television for a long time, starting with an internship with MTV, going through various anchorwoman and reporter positions for different channels, as well as hosting a number of television shows. The smiling blonde caught the eye of the poker world in 2005-2006 when she hosted the fourth season of the WPT, replacing Shana Hiatt, another poker babe.

Attached Imagescourtney-friel8.jpg courtney-friel3.jpg courtney-friel5.jpg

The Sexy Hostess thing is doing the rounds again....... I thought this had died off a few weeks ago but seemingly someone has seen fit to bring it back and add more sexy hostess pics to the thread...always nice to see.

She is a very beautiful woman and these hostesses are getting prettier and prettier. Imagine she was dealing the cards at the tables, you would never be able to concentrate!!! Kara Scott is still my number one though Smile

How the hell is even possible that its not Pochui who created this thread and he didnt even comment here? Is he dead or something? Should be enough to get 10 points now I guess. lol. One more sentence.

Hello all the wonderful mobsters out there, this is your friend flashfaust01 from Japan, somewhere in Asia writing to you, wish a good day to each and everyone of you:

pochui now commented on this thread

I am very happy to be a part of such a great community, wish you the best of luck at the tables, off the tables, behind the tables, under the tables and in your life in general.
Yours truly flashfaust01.

Wow nice pics, saw them already because I am a stalker and like poker women whether it is a reporter, fans or even the spouse and the poker players as included. Anyway keep those picture coming and I hope there are some more just to refresh my mind on those beautiful women.

Cheers here pochui commenting once you asked for him lol. Big Smile

Good luck gonna play some sngs now good luck to me!

Please turn around this Girl, than we can see more Cool And i wish me this woman as a dealer in this position in my next live poker game... But what means the position of her hands in this situatian?

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