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hi i am convincecd aswell that party poker abse poker are both scams and someone wants to do something about it, i been tracking some very strange people on there not to mention their own staff, and be suprised to tell you that if you work for abseloute poker or party poker , you are allowed to have an account with them from your own home .also youll be superised aswell these people who work for both sites have some very strange software to see other peoples cards flop turn and river ,i cant mention the software but it availible and for their staff to have it aswell is like really sad, also aswell they have unlimited bankrolls to take your money, so yes what a f in tw4t, i was at a 1 2 limit tabel got raised with two eight , i had aces flop ace two 6 ,trips for me , turn 2 , river 2 ,what.exactly 800$ pot, thats defnetly cheating ,quad twos ,and raise up to 75$ before the cards were even shown i dont care what anyone says thats cheating ,and also theres not one player on this site that would raise up 75$ with 8 2 starting cards even before seeing the flop , standard raise would be 6,honestly mate these sites are rigged ,i approached ab poker and pp poker , and when i fronted them with these allegations none of these sites deniged what was going on so basically if your a cheat and want unlimited bankroll go to pp and ab, and that software they use does work cause after i got beat that player new i had aces thats what he said , and he said to be i got brilliant software and yep he offered me software for 15,000$ no thanks .he said all the top online players use it aswell so i dont know, he took me to a fun room for a chat and also told me he could see all my cards the flop tur and river ,what a f ker ,i reported this to ab they didnt wana know , i quit poker because of that but i still managed to scrape in 500$ profit from three months so there we are be very careful of who you play against,

Hi ,
My opinion which is of little heed is that Ap and Ultimite are very gd poker rooms you must a hit a bug/Glitch , Ive played there last couple of years and never had any probs other than chasing a dream 48hrs not stop trying to catch jackpot , ended up tilting and dropping $450, me mate just shock his head .
The site that i may think is a SCAM and would like to hear feed back is ROSSO POKER.
I have emailed them like 20 times and get a response , i will forward it on ,never got a reply , phoned them via international operater and she told be a block was on phone and to watch out for a scam,

Would like to hear some feed back from all you gangsters


I left UB due to the fact they ignored cheats on ther site, i was ganged up on but when telling UB they wernt botherd, also BJ was a little fishy for me, never won any big bets, infact when ever i raisedy stake dealer hit BJ, once dealer had a run of around 14 BJ in a row, that BS.
If i had software like jazz suggest i would not wast it on a 1/2 game, and would not offer to sell it also trying to sell it at low limits is just stupid.

I think what most dont really understand about AP and UB is that all of the crap that is now in the public domain was created by the old management team, supper users and all of that I have some friends that work for UB and AP as very snr guys within the company and they are trying so hard to make the company work and everytime they do something good more crap comes out.

To be honest i would be happy to play at eith AP or UB.


Yep mainly crap, the scandle was a long time ago now, it should be noted that the new managmet took resposability and paid back players, they did not have to do this a, my bad experiance there was when the scandle was going on, I had a great time there and got the bounty on anni duke(brag :})the lates load of crap is all about the bad beats, I would play UB again, but would not touch BJ.
As long as thier is poker ppl will try to cheat.

This is what pokerstars do with chets etc, lol,

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