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Hey Ladies and gents,

So have been playing some poker on PS recreationally and have just surpassed the 500th SNG played.

i wanted to get some feedback form the fellow mobsters with a lot more experience than myself.

I have been told that this amount of games played is not enough of a gauge on how things will turn out but i thought i would ask anyways.

I've attached my stats from Pokerprolabs for your viewing.

Again positive or negative feedback would be awesome.

Hope everyone's having fun on the tables today.

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I also have to agree that the sample is pretty low to make an accurate analyze on your game but so far it looks pretty good if you ask me.

I'm not an sng expert but only on a 500 games sample it's normal to have a period of downswing over a period of time.

Thanks Macubaas,

I'm starting to realize from most of the feedback i get on these topics is that you do need large volumes of games played to really put a good judgement of one's play.

I just was hoping for some of the Vet's on here to say your pointed in the right direction and that i should stay the course.

Thanks again

Way too small sample to get solid results, especially in 18-mans, which are more swingy than smaller SNG´s.

But as long as it is in green numbers, it should be good no matter what. Big Smile

sample size required depends on variance and your winrate.
the games you play have high variance, so 500 is def not enough to make reliable conclusions

G'day mate

Well as you will here over and over the sample size is small.
However you should also take heart in the fact that you are trying to improve.
You are asking for help and willing to ;earn.
Admitting you do not know everything is the first step to getting better and improving over time.
The numbers you are showing are still good so try to keep up the good work.
best wishes to you
be cool

Ronin Cool

well one thing is for sure from the graphs/stats - you're doing very well atm, almost $200 profit! congratulations of the great start... however poker is not a sprint, but a marathon, so the key is to maintain positive results over a sustained period. it's always nice to start well since you can handle a downswing better knowing that you are losing just your profit and not you own cash... best of luck and do come back with your updated stats when 1K/2K/3K etc. games are completed

It looks like you are a good player with these results and i would just keep doing what you are doing and try and move up the levels slowly. You should always play the levels that you are comfortable at but so far so good

You have a very nice graphs right there. I guess these are already numbers in which you can support your own game. 500 would be a small number in terms of hands played, but in terms of games, it's a nice one, even more if you had always played the same type of game (which i suppose it didn't happen because the buy-in isn't a round number). The begining tends to be always the worst part, but that's good, if you take in consideration that the goal is to improve!

Its like 10% roi which is not bad for turbos. Youre up av 50bi which is pretty solid. It is sample size on small side but believe me it does show you are winning player. Its really hard to have profit over 500 games on 2 table SNGs if your play is not good enough to be profitable. Maybe is questionable how much roi you deserve to have (since 500 games wont show you how big your roi really would be in long run) but I believe if you keep playing this way you will be profitable in long run. cheers

Agree with everything jovi wrote, if he'd had added a 0 on all the numbers involved in the post Big Smile

Well irish, I can only tell you the same as always, samplesize way too low to say anything relevant, especially because there are different formats and buy ins mixed into the sample.
No one can give reasonable feedback if the samplesize is still very reliant on variance (already shows that none of the winrates attached in your screenshots are substainable (maybe the $3.50 18 mans ROI is, for very good regs playing few tables)).
As much as it's easily possible to be down over 1.5K games at these games as winning player it's possible the other way around (maybe the odds for that to happen are different but I'd say it's compareable with each other).

I can't suggest you anything other than to keep doing what you're doing now, build up a good samplesize and then ask again, just don't be too disappointed if you shift into the negative once you built it up.

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Thanks BeMyATMplz,

I really enjoy your feedback as you seem to have a great grasp of what the background work into being a good player. Your knowledge and the other great members here is why i post as regular as i do.

Maybe it's just to some ego by wanting others to say your doing well which in turn leads to more confident play. Just looking to learn as much as i can at a quick rate.

I really need to pick up the amount of games i play at once, multi tabling is something i have struggled with so i tend to stick to 1-2 tables at a time. That's the reason my numbers haven't climbed so fast. once i get the hang of multi tabling i think i'll be able to raise that number substantially

I think everyone with reasonable reflexes and all that stuff can definitely up their number of tables to 12, especially in MTSNGs.
A lot of stuff a good player does is standard stuff in these games (for instance, sometimes I don't even notice a move I do, I just do it if it's standard). It's very bot-like play at some parts, that's why I find it to be the easiest of all to mass-multitable.
If you're comfortable playing 2 now, keep trying to play 3, once you get comfortable with that, add a 4th one, and so on.
It's important to not try to desperately raise the number of tables, but adding more slowly is definitely the way to go.
Once you get to 6 you're def. at the right pace, I'd say from then on adding more tables isn't as difficult anymore. I know a regular at the $7 18 mans who mostly plays 10-12 tables max and he achieved supernova solely playing these games (have to add he plays professional and needed to put in loads of hours, but it shows you don't have to 'mass' table like me and many other regs do).

You seem to be not just a recreational player, you seem to have ambitions and that's very good, but to fullfil ambitions you will definitely have to raise the number of tables ( and with that comes volume overall), however with willingness to work on both their game and abilities overall (e.g. for example working on upping number of tables, which requires not just poker knowledge) everyone can achieve success in poker.

yeah sample must be bigger after 1000 sngs you should profit in low sngs that is <1.5 buy in and if not there might be you are not good enough or in the worst case scenario you are hit with a huge spell of variance but it is more likely to be you not playing well. Anyway good luck keep improving play a lot more tables to improve your hourly instead of your roi.

Anyway good luck and have fun at the tables!

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