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Barry Greenstein On Re-Entry Tournaments & More...

Poker Hall Of Fame member and Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein has been around the poker scene (with huge success) for a very long time and many consider him a living legend thanks to his contributions to the game. Already back in 1991, Barry made so much money playing poker that he was able to retire from his day job to become a full-time poker pro instead. Besides being a very good cash gam[...]   Read more » Barry Greenstein On Re-Entry Tournaments & More...

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I must agree with Barry about not liking rebuy tournaments. The players with the deeper pockets have a distinct advantage and tournament poker is all about starting with the same and seeing the best man win

My favourite poker player of all time, a winning player at cash and tournaments, different variations of poker, and across multiple generations of players. The Robin Hood of poker has also been good for its image. Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

Yeah i love Barry as a player too love his post, i remember his post about his gold skills and where he gave it up because he has no love for it anymore so he stick with poker for that long and guess he loves the game too much. So good luck to him in any tournament he is in. Also I would like to say that re entry tournament sucks if it is online as too much donkey. Live is another matter!

Great article, but why does the interview have to be written white? My eyes hurt...

To the topic: Rebuy tournaments should be played (with corresponding bankrollmanagement) as standart freezeout tournaments, but with 4 times as big buy in. (for 3$ +rebuy tournament you need bankrollmanagement as for 12$ tournaments).
Because when you play them, you should always take the rebuy right away (to have double stack) and then always take the addon. (+sometimes if you bust, you can double rebuy).
By playing a rebuy tournament like that, you maximize your profits!

I played a rebuy satellite last night, 5 fpps buyin for a
Sunday storm ticket. I won it with only my single buyin, field was only 207 players
However it's my 4 th ticket this week from fpp points.

I personally hate rebuys and plan on one addons only,
I will rebuy if I had the monster hand taken out by crap, then to
Me it's war and I want another chance.

Barry is firstly a great guy more than a great poker player. He has good relatiosn with all poker players but stayed away from dirty business!

His advices are of course precious for every poker player, a new or a more experimented one.

Barry Greenstein a great player and donates a lot of his winnings too charity Thumbs Up Thumbs Up agree with him on the rebuy it's not for me or the add on Greenstein a great Ambassador for the game of Poker Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Barry is a great player.

I am always sad when he gets a suckout.

Yes. My thoughts exactly.

I fucking hate the re-entries in any tournament. It gives donks and well bankrolled players an edge to keep coming back and eventually bink a series of hands and them steamroll a tournament.

Buy-in and cash out, none of this choppy-pot and re-entry bawgagedness.

I don´t have anything against rebuy tournaments, but as you say, standart freezeout tournaments feel more like a proper poker tournament.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Barry Greenstein On Re-Entry Tournaments & More...

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