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Hello everybody,
I posted a thread yesterday where I was asking for a password for an tournament on Fulltilt poker.
Someone answered that I was a freeroll chaser and I started to think about my short career in poker.
I deposit 0
I joined BRM and played on there freerolls on both PkrStar and Fulltil poker
I finished top (pokerstar) 30 and got 40$ then I finished 6 or 7 (dont remember) on the freeroll 200 BRM and got paid there.
With that Im playing on 3-11$ special tournaments on pokerstar.

So YES Im a Freeroll chaser....

ps. I found the password to the freeroll for the $250 flipout freeroll tournament(I didnt make it through the first round)... But at least I tried!!

Have a good day on the tables everybody Big Smile

You are a member here so its ok to play BRM freerolls i also am playing BRM freeroll on full tilt and tired to see so many none members haaving passqord on facebook other social site that i would never give password and many members are feeling the same.I really dont think its not the place for asking for password Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

I know what U mean...
Theres A LOT of none members on BRM freerolls and I get pissed of with all that, so YES this is maybe not the right forum to ask for passwords to other sites.


Haha it is me that told you you are a freeroll chase I think, but I am one too, so just a friendly banter from me as we do the same thing. Big Smile

Cheers anyway mate, i like it when mobsters succeeds and I pray you stay and earn a lot of money from Freerolls, good luck mate and hope I was not too hurtful if it was me who said that you a freeroll chase!! Big Smile

Anyway have fun gonna eat for now!


I didnt take it the wrong way Big Smile

I hope U make it on the tables Dollar

ola qual a senha cardschat

Welcome to the forum mate, it's great that you decided to post content here Blink

It's okay to play freerolls if you do not want to depsoit, in fact thats one of the main reasons for which freerolls are organized in the first place! Keep us posted with your results!

Nothing wrong with that valencia. Way too many have started playing poker by winning in
freerolls, or taking advantage of no deposit bonuses.Nowadays unfortunately
isnt a good time to get a significant amount playing freerolls only, unless you hit some
good finishes in top places.

Well done on your wins and good luck with your next games.

I am just like you.

A freeroll chaser since the dawn of time, but unfortunately, with worse results than yourself, but a man got to keep trying.

Do not give up, Keep going.
Work hard, play hard and hopefully win big!

I used to love freerolls when I first started playing and if you can win real money by playing them,you don't want to spend any money and you like that kind of tourney,you'd be a fool not to play them.
After I gained more experience in poker I lost my enthusiasm for them but I will still play the occasional one if there is not thousands of players and I know I won't lose interest after losing half my stack.

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