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Playing the freeroll on PS and everytime I get moved to a new table I ask if theres any BRM members...
NOBODY!!! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
Russians and Ukrainens(at least 2-4 on every table)
I have to go All-in to many tmes..
Its a really boooring way to play poker Sad Sad Sad
Im trying to get up on the Leaderboard but its just time wasting with all those fucking knobs.


Good Luck on the tables to all BRM members

Stealing passwords from Bankroll Mob so i steal password password for Russian Twitter Free roll on Full Tilt Poker and cash twice Tongue Tongue the Bankroll Mob Free rolls on Full Tilt Poker is better not 5000 people playing for 117 places usually around 1000 players it amazes me you don't have 5 minutes in your day too sign up with Bankroll Mob Worship Worship and play for Leader board points and extra benefits Bankroll Mob best site for Poker Worship Worship Blink Blink

Maybe there was someone who isnt talking on the tables or was too bored for a
chit chat Smile But indeed there is a bog number of players in these games that there arent
BRM members. The thing that i dont get is, if they are regular in these games why they dont
get registered here to participate in the leader board also.

this is why I don't usually play brm freerolls, to many idiots and donks. Angry they only time i play them is if i'm really bored and have nothing to do. then i'll play one one fulltilt. Agree but i try to stay away to the ones on pokerstars, players there are really bad. Aww crap!

I have to agree with you OP, there are way too many non bankrollmob members that play those freerolls...

Unfortunately there isn't much you can do about it, your only consolation is that you have acces to the lederboards and they don''t.

These tournaments can sometimes be like minefields with so many players going all in. You just have to be patient sometimes and leave them get on with it for the first few levels and then join in after about 3 or 4 levels

considering how only ~%0,5 of those freerolls pool consists of brm members and the rest is random all in players, no wonder its hard to find another brm member at ur table Tongue

I stopped playing them for some time now. Before i would try to do 1 maybe 2 a day... sometime after that i started trying 1 or 2 a week and lately in a good mood I'll do 1 or 2 a month.
The fields are too big and crazy... the rewards are too small and hard to get.
Overall it's just not worth your time... even if u do by a miracle get a 1st place, the prize money you get is hardly a compensation for the 3.5h you spend playing it. ok ok it's free money but your better off playing those 100k privilege ones for free money. If you are not a chrome deposit $10 and play them for a month.

On fulltilt they are or were ( not sure anymore coz i also stopped playing those) better. but since i stopped playing there i cannot comment anymore.

That's the problem with Freerolls and the people who display the supposedly private passwords.

Sometimes, they use them from other websites to play in the BRM freerolls and fulfil the tables with non-mobsters players.

Well, but at least we have freerolls and can play them whenever we want, without the trouble of trying to find the password online, which can be pretty "easy" as you know Big Smile

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