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My office mates are organizing what in Spanish is called a "Polla", (I don't know the English word for this). Every one who wants to participate will send weekly prognostics about scores of Brazil Wordl Cup matches and a standar bet, let's say $10. People who guess the score will receive 2 points. People who guess the winner will get 1 point. At the end of every week the potl will be given to 3 people with more points, 50% to the first, 30% to the second and 20% to the third.

I was wondering if it's possible to make something similar to this using MobPoints.

BTW, what would be the English word for this kind of contests?

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In England we have similar things,usually called a sweepstake or betting pool.I don't know if we are allowed to use our own mob points for things like that but it sounds interesting.
The only problem I see is some people know nothing about football and predicting scores requires some degree of skill,so would depend on the number of entrants,maybe a pool where you guess total number of goals in whole tournament.
Also need someone to organise as well.

Hey mate, my plan for the world cup will be to have the maximum fun at the pubs till late, as i could not go to the world cup. But this will one one month of late partying, booze and so on, thinking of taking some days off from work to watch most of the matches, but definitely going to watch the final even if i have work to go tomorrow lol. Anyway cannot wait for the world cup to start. It comes just every 5 years, so gonna profit to the max!

I think betting pool is the right word for it. The idea is pretty good but only admin could decide if this is a go or no go...

I bet that on the world cup games we'll have some betting opportunities, but those will be the bet game that you can find in the mob games section Smile

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