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Hi dude, firstly, the other party (the at fault driver) insurance company is giving you the run-around, your insurance company would be dealing with this if you were the at fault driver, and they would attempt to come to an agreement with the other party, so your insurance company is doing both nothing and nothing wrong.
Secondly and to the crux of your current situation;
1. There will be a "blue book" (insurance term) value based on your car's make, model, year and mileage, they do not need to, and most often will not, release this information to any client, however, look at a Trademe, ebay, motor website for similar make models etc, this gives you a point of negotiation, then talk your car up to the assessor (it was straight, a mate offered me $XX 2 weeks ago, fully serviced etc), he will always try to reduce your payment, the sooner he settles, and the more he saves the bigger his slice of that pie, find out who the guy that phoned you (the assesor) is, bug him continually, do not admit or agree to anything, keep bugging him.
2. You then can take the total fair value and surrender the car or.
3. Keep the car and take a reduced payout.
4. My advice would be to remove any thing of value, i.e. if you put in some good speakers, remove them and put the old ones back in.
5. Surrender the car.
6. But a new car for your day-to-day needs (you may even be able to buy the old wreck back from a local auctioneers if it has sentimental or "classic" value separately).
In summation, surrender the car, take the entire payout, this will (95% of the time) work out better in the long run for yourself.
Hope this may help in someway. GL 3P.

This is always a stressful time when trying to claim some insurance. The amount of times i have been left waiting is unreal, they are quick enough to take your money but not so quick the other way around

Hmm yeah those insurance people sucks, because i know some insurance people who are good with numbers and all those rules but they tends to not be very social and tend to be awkward, maybe it is where i live thats why it is like that always had bad experience with them. Anyway hope it is ok now and keep on crushing at poker and posting!

omg so thats where peter is now !

Big Smile

and speaking of insurance companies, those guys are just a bunch of scammers nothing more nothing less. no really, its a definiton of scam not sure how most of htem are still allowed to operate.

but at least their ads look pretty.

Insurance companies are a total scam.

You pay and pay and when something happens and you should get money, they will try their best to give you the absolute minimum...

Yes,insurance companies always act like they are God and think they are doing you a favour even though you have paid for their services.
My car insurance renewal came the other day and has gone up by £100,I did an online quote for the same company,same details and it came back £130 cheaper.I now have a different company to insure me for £175 less than my renewal price.

And i thought insurance problems are only in smaller countries with small insurace company but i think the problem si worldwide....

What car do you have, i mean why they always give you this lame excuse that the car is too expensive to fix??

This problem is everywhere in the world. Big Smile Big Smile

no problem with car insurance here as long as your fix with your decision where the car should be fix...

I am glad, that I have never needed to claim an insurance yet.

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