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Been playing a couple of the freerolls today to get higher up on the leaderboard and I cant belive how many fucking idiots thats on there Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Why cant BRM registrate everyone thats a member so all those donk players dont play??
Theres some other games and U cant get into them if U not a member of diffirent sites.
I liked to play the freerolls but now its just pissing me off.


Have a good weekend eveybody and good luck on the tables Big Smile

That was always the story with BRM freerolls for the leader board.
If you cant handle the situation, the only thing you can do is top playing, or look the other way Smile
and keep grinding for those valuable point of the leader board. Good luck.

Get used too it your pocket Q Q get's cracked by K 2 off it takes one idiot probably more than 1 on this site too leak the password and the infestation of Face book Parasites Begin's i don't see the point in playing these if not registered in the Leader board got 9 more days of these too crack the top 30 and too catch that dog dawggy for the side bet i missed 7 days off these took a break from poker and let him take the lead haven't seem him on this site for awhile out smoking the good stuff GL Big Smile Cool Blink

Well mate this is how freerolls are, you will always find some idiots playing there for the first few levels, so my advice is to play tight and hope to get to the higher levels where the idiots will be all gone and you can afford to play good poker! Also if you happen to push KK and get called by 27o and get busted than it is the way it is but you did everything wrong and in the long term you will win.

Just ignore those idiots and play good poker!

That's the problem of freerolls. But mostly the problem of the people who release our "private" passwords online.

It's one of the easiest ones to get around, every single place shows it.

It's not really hard to break into a freeroll, especially in big sites like Full Tilt or Poker Stars, where almost everyone has an account.

For me, the solution would be for us Mobsters to hold quite and don't release our most beloved passwords.

I am pretty sure that if they wanted to stop non BRM members from playing they could or at least deprive any non mobsters from cashing,like when you win you get a code to cash on the site or a password linked to your mobster account.Maybe it would just be too much work to administrate,maybe admin could let us know. Question

I know of another site that if you share password it's a ban and you have too submit user name so if a non approved member wins something they can track it and most of the regulars would suspect something but that's a good idea removing the winnings from the account or the user get's a pop up message not a member no win what you spent 5 hours playing and made a final table like the BRM Daily Calender close but no cigar winnings have been removed it would need some sort of software upgrade with the site where it accepts not only the password but the user name as well the free rolls on Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker 75 percent are non members
Confused Confused

Posted by av1966:
For me, the solution would be for us Mobsters to hold quite and don't release our most beloved passwords.

What is to stop a password sharer from creating an account here?

Basically, people that share passwords generally make revenue from their sharing sites, they will advertise poker sites and take affiliate money, similar to how BRM operates.

So they will sign up accounts at all the sites like this one and leech off of the promotions.

It is a total scumbag thing to do, but it is never going to stop.

So, as someone else has mentioned - just take it as it is. If it stresses you out too much, just stop playing, maybe deposit $10 and get away from the freerolls altogether.

if idiots in freerolls hurt your experience and fun playing poker, the real simple solution isn't the one you outlined, the simple solution is to stop playing freerolls; they're crap and once you have the grips with the basics of t he game, it is much more rewarding to play in REAL games.

I know what you mean and it was not funny to losse against one of this maniacs after a playing of some hours. It was a waste of time and the payout structure at ft par example are not really good. But normally i like this leaderboars series, but you need only luck against this gamblers.

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