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So hello fellow mobsters,

What is your favourite kind of poker in any way ?

Do you like to play mtt's sng's cashgames? ? howmany players ? 2max 6max 10max? big field small field?

i for example like to play the twister sng's at sites using the ipoker skin just because they got a lot of fishes in them and the chance of winning is quite high when you are used to playing hyper speed games on small field's Tongue

I like cash games, only pot limit omaha and most preferably 6 max tables Smile

I guess you also need to like this game but also you need to earn the best out of it to make it your favourite game Blink

My favourite type of game is Double Your Money SNG'S 6 max. These are my best chances of amking money and i always seem to come out winning over a period of time just sticking to this type of game. Good luck to all

Hi, everybody.

I prefer tournament types of poker. Practically I don't play cash games of poker. It isn't interesting to me. I prefer the SnG on 10 people and I prefer MTT with many levels (I try to win for small money the ticket for tournament with a big buyin).

I participate in actions from poker rooms. I started playing in PartePoker from a bonus.

As I am occupied at the main work that poker is a hobby.

Good luck all.

Dollar Worship Dollar

Really interesting to see all of your choices Smile in all of them so far i can see why Big Smile keep the reactions coming guys Big Smile

At the moment I am getting into heads up quite a lot. It can be really brutal but you have to learn very fast,you also realise where you are making mistakes.
It's a great feeling when you know what your opponent is going to do and you can win easily but on the flip side when you realise your opponent is owning you it can be the ultimate confidence destroyer.
My favourite games are deep stack tournaments but the problem for me is having the time to play them,cashing in a tournament after 3,4 or 5 hours of play is a very good feeling. Smile

I have two reasons for playing only poker, for fun or for tring to get a bonus and of course both could win me some money which is very nice. For fun I only choose MTTs and for the other reason cash games only pot limit omaha hi/lo or double your money sitngos.

I have good experience with Double or nothing sit and go's as well as shorthanded cash games where blinds are between $0.10/25 to $3/6.

Always got smashed at $1/2 which is pretty funny, seeing as $3/6 has been a success largely Big Smile

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