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Anyone use a free poker HUD?

I've tried finding some but the ones I've found you have to pay for.

There has been a few threads about HUD so far. use the search feature in the up right corner of BRM
to look for old threads about it. But at some point you will get fresh replies in this matter also Smile

Hi, everybody.

And unless HUD when that was free? It always was on sale for money.

Though I personally never used it. I in general try not to use any third-party products for simplification of poker life. That Ball that some poker rooms don't welcome use of third-party programs and some rigidly forbid use of such programs. Use intuition and there will be to you a happiness.

Good luck to you at tables and in life.

Dollar Worship Dollar

Google for FPDB or FreePokerDB. I didn't use it because I have PT4, but I read good things about this free tracker software, you can find some videos in Youtube too. If you decide to try it, let us know what you think.

I checked out FPDB. It's a very early version (0.40) so there is a lot of work to do on it.

The HUD is very basic and annoying to use, I'd prefer it to be a box below the table rather than an overlay. So I think I will just use it for analysis outside of games.

I hope they keep updating it.

HUDs aren't very expensive to buy. In my honest opinion, by the time your game reaches a point where you're experienced enough to understand and benefit from a HUD / Tracking software, you should have enough winnings to easily put some aside to advance your game..

I don't play any more, but when I did I bought HEM2, TableNinja and SNG Wiz (or something like that). I bought each at different points as my game advanced and always with poker winnings..

If you're not winning enough to pay for a HUD, you're probably not at a point in your experience that you would really benefit that much from one, to be honest.

wouldn't recommend anything free that has an access to sensitive data- in your case access to your poker account/-s. you're taking the risk that this software can have some sort of virus, tracker etc. and can do you lots of harm.
on a side note- glad to see jess is still alive in this forum Thumbs Up he's a true legend here Worship

I have no idea if you can have a free hud software but i can tell for sure that the best ones are paid applications, like HEM and PT...

My advice would be to download the trial version of these software, you have 2 free months on pt and 1 month on hem, after that maybe you buy a license Blink

Free of charge does not mean high-quality. People attached time and efforts to develop the program, they want accordingly, that their efforts were covered a cost. And it is needed to decide, why free HUD, if in also time of HM or PT offered on different sites with substantial discounts. But here already quite another level.

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