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so i received the offer for this new casino. email states im allowed to play but it seems i am not for two reasons: my location and for suspicion of being a student(???????) which is not the case as i finished the school without going to college.
i read the T&C only when i start to deposit and before playing, trying to avoid rogue places. BRM offer should contain these 'education' details and which countries are really welcomed.

Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Simon'

Simon: Hello, how are you today?

syntynyt: hi. i just did an account through bankrollmob and i cant use MOBVIP30

Simon: Let me take a look for you

syntynyt: username: syntynyt

syntynyt: account is 2 minutes old Smile)

Simon: Ok

Simon: One moment

Simon: Which casino are you in?

syntynyt: clubworld

Simon: Thanks

Simon: Are you currently in education [my name]

syntynyt: meaning?

Simon: Are you studying?

syntynyt: not anymore

Simon: Ok, no problem

syntynyt: heh never heard this question before

Simon: Unfortunately the free welcome bonus is not available for where you are based [my name], i have also had to block your depositing options for the time being until cashier have reviewed your account, this is because we dont allow students to play within our casino group and we have been advised by our cashier team to block deposit options for all players who fall in the age gap of 18-25. Please allow 2 working days for a response from our cashier team in which they will usually contact you via email with the outcome after reviewing your account

syntynyt: what?? i am not a student anymore i finished school and i cant see the relevance as the email states im allowed to use the offer

syntynyt: This offer is NOT available for players residing in Netherlands Antilles, Costa Rica, Israel or France.

Simon: Read our terms and conditions on the casino website:

syntynyt: i didnt bother to read all of that because it was through BRM, safe site. i read only when rogues are involved

syntynyt: i will go to forum with this chat maybe they are able to clarify this matter

Simon: Ok, no problem

Simon: Is there anything else i can help with right now?

syntynyt: no thanks for support

We will look into it, but since it's now weekend, it may take a few days to figure it out.

since im not tied with a deposit, im not in a hurry. but people under 26 yo are advised to wait before making an account here. i dont mind if title will be changed to reflect the actual situation.

Trust me my friend,.... BankrollMob would never intentionally create 'misleading' emails... It's one of the few poker and gambling related sites with a high modicum of integrity,....especially taking into consideration the environment in which it operates....! Big Smile Thumbs Up

Fat Tony has ...'connections'.... lol...

WEll better check out the terms before you join any bonus, because sometimes the casino will tell the promoter one thing and then will put other terms in for the customers, you should be careful of the casino shady dealing and thanks for BRM admin as he is looking into it and hope their is a positive outcome out of that. Anyway it is just free bonus and if it does not work out there are other around. Cheers good luck mate and have fun playing!

Yes,'s ALL about the 'terms'...... Thumbs Up

is not about the terms. offer clearly state all the mandatory points of ND's: the amount given, the WR, max cashout, restricted countries, giving no reason to read tons of text. it is a new offer and expectations are that all details are correct, and actually are minus their studentship policy based on age lmao. also, for me mentally it counts it was through BRM having no immediate urge to double check just in case like sometime i do at dodgy affiliates.

also, being a player at all major net ent casinos, 2 RTG and few MGs, i never heard of that term before, how to bury your business in one step. their loss though.

It is the first time i see something like that about students.
So what if you are a student and you are older than 25 years old. Smile
Not one or two that are older Smile. So how you are proving here that you are not
a student? providing papers from your work? And what if you are not employed? Smile
Weird stuff here lol.

Hi ouThhiTus and everyone else!

We were not given the correct information about the allowed countries/regions from the marketing team behind this Casino.
This has now been updated: "This bonus is NOT available for players residing in the Netherlands Antilles, Costa Rica, Israel, France, Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia and Ukraine."

We do apologize for this and for the hassles it may have caused you. Unfortunately, this happens from time to time.

best regards,

It seems it's a age restriction rather than a student restriction, i mean you can have 25 and you can finish the university at 23.

Or maybe you are 25 but you are not a student. Maybe you contacted Simon during a world cup match, like Brazil-Germany for example and it was confused Evil Evil Evil Evil

It is always wise to read ALL the terms before you play at a casino and you should definitely speak to support if you have any questions BEFORE you deposit.For this casino the very first term in the 'Players Representation And Warranties' section is as follows;
1. The Player is at least 18 years of age or has reached the legal age of maturity in his/her jurisdiction, whichever is greater. Full-time or Part-time students aged 25 or under who are enrolled in a College or University are not permitted to play in the Casino.
The exact reason for that rule I am not entirely sure but it could be something to do with term number 14 which is;
14. You are allowed only one active account. Winnings will only be paid to players having one account per household, computer, IP address or business address. If you have more than one account all winnings will be void.
If I owned a casino I would be concerned if I had loads of players claiming bonuses from the same IP/business address.
The terms for this casino seem to be standard and wagering/cashout for a NDB seem quite generous for this type of casino.The main thing is to check if the casino has any genuine complaints and this one seems to be ok.
Just remember there are scores of casinos to choose from and if you have any concerns about any casino then ask support and if you are still not satisfied then go elsewhere.

I have read their terms and their cash out policy for the bonus is one of the best out there
They are letting you cash out 5x the amount of your bonus which in this case is 150$.
Cant remember many casinos with no deposit offers giving you more than 100.

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