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Well i am starting just to have fun , mostley not thinking about the game just watching how PS kicks me out , and they do it like this

Or like this or i loose a pot like this
or later on just loose like this

P.S All this just happened in about 20 minutes ...

------------ I think i will get rich today !


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I am sorry I am going to step out of this thread.

I don't believe you want to get better, it is just a 'bad beat' thread with tales of hardship and a site that is fixed to make you lose.

Good luck in the future

Well no one besides you took part in this well atleast no one was discusing the hands mostly , just sad that what i already knew mostly , and yep i think that there is just a black hole that takes all the money in and gives it to others , as i am running bad , the game is just redicolous and i see it over and over again , then once in a while they kinda just opens , then i don't even need to play just push the buttons and the game is going on it's own , like i would be a donkey and every hand i play i would win , it's just like that , then after that they again open the black hole and it's hungry again takes the money from me ...

And if you don't belive me then , here is a good one where I though to just try out my luck , and though he is holding a midle pare , but even it came out that he wasn't , but did it make anything usefull for me ? nope it did not !

What makes me really mad is that back in 2013 year i was able to make profit of 106$ at theses SNG tournaments in just only 200 games and mark A +++++ , in 2014 have played 775 games with a profit - 62.28$ and the rate is just awfull 7 +

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Neither 200 games nor 775 games are a meaningful samplesize in these SNGs, so either if you have A++++ or F---- or whatever there is, it doesn't matter, over such samples the biggest donk could be winning and the best of the best could still be losing at this format.

As for the hand - just shove preflop, you'll often get calls by terrible hands in these games/buy ins, and playing AKo OOP vs. 3 villains is often pretty hard. Not really sure what you thought but 3b to 200 doesn't really achieve that much, either just flat and play safe, 3bet bigger or just shove (my prefered option)

Well but if i would play the hand eather way , would it change that the last card was Q ? And if i would flat call and try to play out the hand i think i would feel more awful in this case if i would get my hand till the turn ...

Just played a SNG worth 10 cents , lovely to see that the game is is still fun to watch ... I could say that the worst pre flop hand made the best at the flop And what is redicoulous in this SNG , i had small pocket pares for 4 times , all thoses times had to fold them as flop came all over cards , just lovely ...

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Some of these hands make me want to vomit.. And yes i know it is poker.. but still Confused Confused

   0 Just keeps going like that ... After this hand the same guy had AA and he kicked out another player ...

I think first hand was a bad luck to play against Ak, but second and third hand you played agains an moron who call everything if have an A X cards in hand. Realy hate that guys who hot care if have an A in hand call everything.

Posted by Samarietis:
So i am going to show off hands where i loose big and thoses who are being a good players i would like to hear the thoughs from you about the hand and how i played it out ... sometimes i know where i have done maybe wrong but sometimes i just don't get it for what i have such a bad luck ...


im addicted to boomplayer. i think i need help

   0 What does people think about this hand , how good was hes all in at the flop ?

Awful limp by villain preflop... awful call on the flop. Nothing more to be said.....

Bad play throughout the hand.

He should not call with his hand UTG with just 10 BB left. You shouldn't bet pot with your hand in a multiway pot, and he shouldn't call or reraise that bet.

shokaku , well but i had a little read of them all as we played much of hands together , i knew that the guy before me plays only decent hands , the small blind maybe was a problem , because he could have almost everything , but that last guy who called , always went all before the flop when he had A + kicker and any small pocket pare ... Then i though that it will be an easy steal , besides I had a straight draw option if someone haves the same pare with a highter kicker ...

Well this was fun two tournaments in a row just started had a hand and then all comes to all in pre flop and in the end loose them both , one of the hands :

Why i am so damn unlucky?

Just keeps going the same way over a month

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Do you go all in pre-flop every hand? that is all i see.

Posted by Samarietis:
Well but if i would play the hand eather way , would it change that the last card was Q ?

No in this spot it probably wouldn't have changed anything, but that's not the way you should think about it.
You should find the way that is most profitable longterm, not what you could have done different in a specific spot to not get sucked out.
You have clear failures in your mindset, that's what you should work on first before playing any poker at all. Thinking about it the way you do I'd hjave gotten sick of the game a long time ago already.

MattieD69's comment is unnecessary obv.

Well everything is fine with my mind set at every morning when i get up , when i just wake up i am ready to play out the hands and trying a lot more , but when i see that all what i can get is going deep in a MTT or SNG and that's all , then i just can't understand how can i win a tournament if in the very needed time i can't win a flip , and mostly loosing when i am ahead preflop or at the flop , but turn and river takes me down ....

P.S And it is kinda hard to win something in SNG if you are not able to win coin flips at blinds when there is antes ...

If you really do believe in your skill then there is no reason to worry. You will have to play it out, that's the only way.
If you talk about "it's the same way for over a month now", that's totally normal considering the volume. A downswing lasts a specific number of games/hands, not a specific number of days/weeks/months.
If you do as you say have barely played 800 games this year then it's not surprising, I'm playing that in a week if I have enough time/motivation.
Especially in the formats you're playing a downswing can last a few thousands of games.
So there's a few options for you:

1. increase number of tables (only if you are comfortable of course, but MTSNGs are probably the easiest of all to grind hard). If you can worry about and boom every bad beat you receive chances are you have by far not reached your full potential in this aspect. It's IMO the most important factor though if you want to make money in online poker.
2. switch to a format that has much lower swings. Non turbo KO STTs have very low swings for example, as well as non turbo games overall.

Maybe the right choice would be a mix of both.
I don't know what your BR is, but if you have about $60 or so play the $1.50 12/18 (6max) and/or 27 mans non turbos, or if you want to stay at turbos play the $0.50 45 mans. 45 mans are still a very swingy format, but in 180s or even 360s you can still get much,much harder and longer swings, plus in 45 mans you'll reach more FTs, this will boost your self-confidence to get you back on track.

I'd still recommend you to inform yourself more about poker itself, especially the math (in swings) involved. You (as well as many others in this forum to be honest) have next to zero knowledge about how bad a swing can get. That a single hand means next to nothing when playing/grinding properly. If you have enough time to watch every single showdown/runout then it's simple - play more tables, because obviously you have too much time while playing. Playing more tables you'll overcome bad streaks much faster, as well as make more money longterm.

Also, please don't take offence if it sounds any offensive to you, I just want to give advice and help.
I used to be just the same as you, but had the right people giving me advice, and want to give something back to others.

Well i have tried a lot , played 9 player 0.50 SNG , 90 - 0.50 , 180 - 0.50 , 360 - 0.50 and the last 360 - 0.10 , and i have tried to run more tables , but not more then 4 as it's too hard for me to make anything good if it goes more then 4 ...

As my bankroll , i am just playing thoses under 1$ tournaments as i am not willing to deposit more then 20 Euro per once , from time to time when i can i try out 1 - 2 $ MTT and SNG , but nothing changes there ....

At the SNG tournaments mostly running bad when it's about 125/250 with 25 ante , then it comes like this ... And after that they are offering me to go all in with junk like 3 5 suited and like that , as i would only win with thoses hands , and if i wait till a real hand shows up i am dead with that ...

Talking about tournaments , if i would keep playing them i guess i wouldn't loose so much money , as from time to time i get deep into them , but in the end i still can't do alot when it comes to coin flips again ...

P.S I did get into the money at the last SNG today but nothing more then the minimum ended up like this

As well an interesting fact is that i am able to get into the money into the 100k Freeroll and running good hands there , but when i start playing money SNG and MTT i get the loosing hands , as well i even have been able to to get into the Pokerschool Open Skill League leader bord , placed at about 1000 , that's so sick as i am more willing to win at money tournaments : Here is one of the first hands wich did i get at the 100k Freeroll and what happened you will see here ?

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I didn't check every single one of these but most of them seem pretty sandard imo ( a few strange plays but I can't remember them anymore Big Smile ) ..
If you play pokertars megafield turbos, you should expect these a lot...there will be countless short-stacked pre-flop all-ins and to run deep you usually have to win so many of these...
Just shrug it off and move on and keep improving your game, eventually the results will come Smile
BeMyATM's advice were golden Smile

For god sakes why ? Just made the money and again got to go all in fue hands after the money and i get stucked with my KQ suited in big blind to KK small blind ...

What do you think about this hand in the same tournament , should i call ?

Don't know why though i am good here and just paid off to a guy

As well made a huge mistake , just wanted to get back from the loose with that pare of 6, but just overheated my head and got a big loose with bluff

P.S This kinda sucks in the beggining though that this is the time to make money , had QQ , KK , AA and all of thoses hands played out well , as well called two short stacks and won .. But in the end just made a profit of 0.08 cents ...

While in Pokerschool Open Skill league i can get deep into tournament and even win cash : Turnīrā Jūs ieņēmāt 43.. vietu un Jūsu kontā tika ieskaitīta USD 0.01 balva.

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