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Hello, I am new to bankrollmob, I am doing fine on leaderboard, I am currently 69th Big Smile and today was my first chance to crack bankroll safe, and i have a few questions
1) if i get on calendar 50 shots to crack a safe, can i save them and wait to get more from calendar, till i gather about 200 or more?
2) I read that if you crack safe with 20$ you dont get 20$ but you get 2000mobpoits, is it thrue?
3) If i collect 5000+ mob point how can i cashout, can i transfer that 50$ on pokerstars account?
And i have one more questin that is out of this topic, what is prize schedule for 1500$ leaderboard freeroll?
I hope I will get quickly answer, tnx and good luck to all for cracking the safe Big Smile

Hello sthep,...
1 yes u can save the mobshots if u like,
Only u get 1 each day for free(this u cant save)
2 INdeed 2000 mobpoints , but when u have 5000/50$ u can cash this out,
to party poker ,neteller and skrill.
Freerols i dont really know about i never play them....except the big ones ofcourse Big Smile

You can save up your safe shots and some people do save up hundreds of shots and wait until the prize goes up to $40 or higher.
If you crack the safe it is true you get the prize equivalent in points as you thought.
If you go to your mob account ,under mob points,click use points and it will tell you where and how to cash out.It may be different for different countries but in the UK I can only cash to Party Poker,netEller and skrill.
There is a leaderboard section you can click on and then click on the pokerstars top 10 and it will give you all the information you need. Smile

tnx, that realy helped me, I hope that i will crack that safe Big Smile gl to you all!!!

I finaly won something on mobcalendar, 50 safe shoots Big Smile I hope I will crack safe when I stash some more shots Big Smile One question, can I spend now my daily 1 shot on safe, and save these 50, or if I try one shoot on safe I would only have 49 saved next day?

normally you would have 51 shots now
go check
if you do then you can use your daily shot
if not (only 50) then you already used it and forgot

I have 51 shot, So if i use 1 will I still have 50 tomorow? Or if i dont use any will I get 52 tomorow?

yes , you use it now you will have 50 tommorow
and no you can't have 52 tommorow ..
BRM gives you one shot everyday and then take it away if you don't use it in 24 hours

you can buy shots , 5 points = 1 shot

I know I can buy shots, tnx that realy helped me a lot... I will now try my chance with 1 shot xD Good luck for you, and I wish that you will crack safe sometime soon!!!

good luck
and keep those 50 shots , dont use them now
i got 50 yesterday and i tried my luck but i didnt win
you have to wait till you get at least 500 shots and that way you have 50% chance of winning
while 50 shots you get 5% only
i wish i kept my shots Disagree

I know that I will save more than 500 shots, so I have better chance, and I will wait to prize comes to 40$ I will not try my luck on all I have to do is w8 to win more shots on calendar, and I have some tactic to spend less shots, hope it will work Big Smile

dont forget it you playing against others too
and they have many shots too and waiting for 40 and 50
so the moment the safe becomes 40 you have to be fast to beat them
as for me i am gonna try my luck with the mob draw
good luck and hope to see your name under the safe with a big win soon
see ya

¿Mob safe is free mobpoints?

how many naximum get win in safe??

Hi wanna ask if mob shot can be change to other prize coz i just won 50 mob shot


Good going dude and I hope you qualify as well. Not just qualify but win the whole shooting match. I do think it is very difficult to crack that safe but at the same time I think it should be tough. It is like a lottery and Bankroll mob gives you 1 free entry into that lottery. It's not like you can get other peoles numbers on other lotteries Sleepy . I just want to thank Bank Roll mob for the opportunity to win free cash, as difficult as it may be lol.

Cool info. One of the things I really love about this site is that everybody is always helping everybody else. I even saw that someone was down in the dumps because they lost their bankroll on a poker site and someone else put $5 bucks on the site for them. Man ... now that IS cool. Keep making me smile guys (and girls) it makes me proud to be a Mobster! Cool Big Smile

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Amassed 150 attempts Big Smile (3 of 50 attempts to win the calendar game) Sometimes you want to try to crack the safe, but I understand that there will be a shame to spend all attempts did not win anything ... Sad So this idea was distilled off and continue to wait for the accumulated 1000 attempts. To surely crack this piece of iron Big Smile

Today i won!!!! Awesome feeling! Tried less than 15 attempts. Big SmileDD Everyday one. Still didn't knw how I does this. Big Smile
Do you think, is there any scheme, what will be the next codes, or is it just some random thing?
So proud now! Big Smile

Well done on cracking the safe after being a member for such a short time. Smile The safe codes are just a random combination every time.I have managed only twice though and been a member for a couple of years so not easy to win.
The best scheme seems to be to save your shots until it reaches $40 or $50 and then try but that is not foolproof but if you look up the safe results for the member SKYWINS you will see it can work but only for so long. Smile

Thank you. Smile
I know, it's a miracle that I won yesterday, and there is 1 to 1000 chance to win again, but this site, with all the features is very good and useful, I love it.
But not won anything on the Bankrollmob calendar game.
Wish good luck for upcoming paker and other games. Smile

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