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I won $ 30 ..!   0   

I guessed the combination MobSafe won $ 30!!

My reward has been deposited into my account ..!

Just thank you ..!

I write this message for those who did not believe this was possible.

The winning combination was 019. Thankfully I chose either the number

Very nice win dude...!!! Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

I've never been so lucky....~

I see you've been a member since April of 2010,....have you been trying ALL these years and FINALLY nailed it,...or have you won it before...?

Always a thrill to win a few bucks no matter how big or small in number...! Heart

Congrats my friend It´s always nice to win a prize specially the first time Thumbs Up
The same thing happened to me last week cracked also the safe for $40 Worship
The only thing that I don´t agree with you is the believe part every one here believe it´s possible even better knows it´s possible

Cheers mate always so good to hear the winners at the mob games coming on the forum and sharing their wings, it feels so good to see mobsters winning, very much congratulations again and hope you win another one soon, and good you cashout and hope you use the mob points wisely and make it grow into more and more and then can live off them. So have a nice day and good luck investing those money and good luck at the tables hope you crush and make money from the poker sites cheers mate have fun!!

It's a very nice win leoberra!congratulatios. Blink it's no easy guess the combination of mobsafe, now you must investing this money playng texas holdem. good luck at the tables. i hope you will win much more money. Big Smile

one day...

I wish you all more than once see 30$+ in pair with this sweet women with gun. And then you will find out that she is georgeus angel Blink and the gods of poker will be on your side.


Thank you all for your comments.

I tell them that he had done a few months ago made ​​a withdrawal for $ 50.

And this is the first time I've won this game.

I hope not the last ...

Seguire daily trying a new confidence

Nice work ! Yea let's hope u will crack the safe again soon Smile

I answer "demodawggy"

If I really try many days.

always use the same key.

were also less than 999 days.

and I will continue many more days in search of a new confidence ...

fails to acerlo ... just the day to win the "sunday million" ....

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile I believe

Re post #2 from demodawggy,it seems some karma went your way,your congratulatory post resulted in you later in the same day winning a nice safe win of $40.

So,Leoberra,very nice win dude...!!! Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

Congratulations and celebrations.....

Congratulations on cracking the safe,
Its always nice to get some extra cash because of a lucky guesss Smile
You going to invest the money into poker or wait to cash out?

Anyways congrats again and good luck in the futere,

Kind regards

Again thank you all for your comments ..!

nice and gl Smile

Congrats leoberra, i also belong to the group of mobsters who already have got the confirmation that opening the safe is possible and is fantastic to put the hands on that reward.

Congrats its always nice to win.....
And it give a nice boost when you guess the code correct,
Hope you spend it wisely have fun with it Gl Thumbs Up

It s hard to find the correct combination Smile


WP m8 Thumbs Up

Congratulations for cracking the safe. I have never managed to crack it but I hope my day will also come sooner or later. For how long have you been trying to crack it before you succeeded?

Merry Christmas to you all

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