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I just opened an account at Everest casino but i didn't receive 15 Free spins no deposit bonus.
I am wondering why not?

I am a new client of them and I enter the promotional code EVEREST 15 but a message appear:
"Your bonus code is invalid."

This promo is over?


Hmm you should wait a bit , if you cannot get the bonus then it is safe to assume that the bonus has expired and no luck to you mate. or if it is a bonus BRM is providing contact BRM support and you can ask them personally if the bonus is over or not. Anyway there are plenty of others around and good luck at the casino games, you will need some luck to get some money, because we all know that the casino has the edge hehe. Anyway have a nice night and good luck again!

I made an account there few months ago and a pop up keeps reminding me that my no deposit bonus (10$ and i used a code) is on the way. Still haven't got it Big Smile Such a scam

yea most of those sites arent really worth bothering with Tongue if it wasnt to generate a few clicks for brm i probably wouldnt register at 99% of those.

not to mention those 15 spins, even if you get them, come with something like 40000x wagering and $11 maximum cashout attached to it. Plus you gotta deliver them your ID documents on foot, and if you do so they would ask for documents signed by Obama or else ur ID wouldnt be valid so no cashout.

no seriously, no idea how some of those sites are allowed to operate Question

There was, is, a poker site named everest poker and from what i saw in the promotions
here in BRM they are using the same logo.
They were credible as a poker site, from what i know.
Try contacting support and ask about it.
The offer here in BRM seems still valid, unless they havent updated it yet.

Everest, both the casin0 and the p0ker room, are in the Playtech camp now, and this would not be the first time that a Playtech casin0 has had problems with such bonus codes. Next casin0.

shokaku do you use some kind of ad blocker? Cause i see that you put a 0 in casino and poker.
Had such problems with google and IE.
Now i Mostly use firefox which im not crazy with, but it runs faster, especially from chrome
that keeps having flash issues with BRM.

Yep i do. But i use Firefox as a webbrowser. The problem i have is, that some typical words we need here like p0ker, casino, or b0nus just disappear in the posts. Making them nearly unreadable.

It is the ad blocker that does that. I dont know why. Tried to find a solution about this,
with no results, so i had to stop using it in BRM, if i wanted all the words to be written here Smile
That approach of yours is some kind of solution.

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