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So I screwed up, how you doing?  0   
Bang goes 25% of the BR on golf (unless something drastic happens fast).
Bang goes £30 on sky poker playing like a fool.

$20 up on FR's on 888, need to play 10 raked hands a day for a month to get hourly freerolls, hoping to hit $100 but $50 absolute minimum.
4 all-in shootout tickets on stars.
50 points to clear in a month to make sure I stay on the BRM freerolls on Party, out of $20 start roll (won on the BRM FR).
$20 on random sites that I need to grind up to a withdrawable amount.

Sky have a promotion, grind 50 points a week for 7 weeks, get allocated a premier league team, a different one each week. All team players earn reward points, top 5 teams share some money and each time your team wins, you get a £5 free bet.
Pokerheaven have a new depositor bonus, may try and see if they will offer me extra tickets and stuff to deposit (I have already withdrawn $50, they didn't make me deposit, so they may not let me have other goodies).

How is your poker atm?

On stars los about 30$ playing without being focused, however correctedd myself and started grinding it up whit my head in the game, made a few stacks already.

Good luck with those all in shootouts Blink

Used 2 of the tickets today, that I won on the Full Tilt summer freerolls (a $10 and a $2.20 ticket) on 9 max SNGs, and won them both for $41.94 and $9.23 Smile

Also doing well on 6 max cash games on party the last few months (28.5 bb/100 since I started playing cash there 2 months ago; over 11000 hands). So I'm happy...

Nothing really bad to report, except another $10 ticket (from summer freeroll) that I lost, in an $80 jackpot game.

pretty ugly here lost $13 at party poker need to clear 50 points to be able to play the brm freeroll almost bankrupt Big Smile Big Smile but got to keep on playing
pretty nice at bwin Big Smile Big Smile won several T$ and two sit´n´go double or nothing haven´t made a deposit there so far and bankroll is 3 times the initial Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

I've been grinding my usual stuff at Pokerstars and finally got a decent BR of 200$ at DuckPoker. I think it's time to withdraw and try something else Tongue It's nice easy money, but that place just makes me go crazy Aww crap!

Playing only now on 888 poker finished 3rd in Dollar 300 bounty tourney 2 days ago with 15 knock outs for Dollar 46 profit had my bankroll up too Dollar 130 after playing slots without deposit went back down too Dollar 60
dam slots withdrew Dollar 50 left Dollar 10 for the 24-7 free roll promotion need ony $1 tournament buyin for 24 accces too the free rolls bankroll l currently at Dollar 18 after broke even with the 300 bounty tourney today 2 knockouts didn't finish ITM won 2 out of 3 single bets with MLB and registered late in a Dollar 2 Sattelite too the mega dozen finished 5th won a seat too tomorrows Dollar 20 K tourney GL Big Smile Cool Blink

I'm currently trying to build a bankroll on Poker MIRA after getting that $5 no deposit bonus. I got to $50 easily in the first day, then I got to over $120 and then lost some of it. I'm now at 60-70 and I can't get any higher, it's frustrating but at least I have something to play. I play 0.5-0.10 NLH because there are no tournaments here..

I played at Poker MIRA few weeks ago with the 5$ free and also deposited 10$.. Got my BR up to 80$. But my damn passport expired and now i can't verify my account to make a withdraw. And i don't have any other ID. Sucks Evil

I love reading about the ups and downs of playing poker and gambling. My gambling has been going well lately, especially Baseball where i can't seem to do any wrong lately, but i know that this could change any minute

I'm screwed too losing some money on golf but it is to be expected as golf betting especially on outrights each way picks tends to have a long run without winners as most of the bets i pick are longshots. But i have a strategy , just hope my bankroll will not become zero until i get the one winner which will make me in profit. Anyway good luck have fun betting and playing the promotion games. Sky in general has some good promotion, sadly can't play there as i am not from UK. Anyway hope you bounce back mate!

cheers I will Big Smile

Doing okay. Managed to bink myself into the money on a Party free roll last month, and run it up to $400~ as of now. I am not sure if I'm playing well but I feel like I'm running like a god. Hope some of my luck rubs off you Ice

Oh and. Here I am, saying hi!

yay good to see u here, we are a friendly bunch Big Smile

not a good weekend Aww crap! Aww crap! lost a bit of money against a unreal jj vs aa and the flop brings another ace so triple bet the guy calls 2 Spade on the table another Spade another bet and call them the river brings what ? Another Spade and he has jack of spades so I lose Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

4th in the BRM party freeroll for $28 makes things look a bit better

I haven't played much this week or weekend, though won a €50 ticket at unibet tonight having won into that game from a free ticket so not too bad in terms of loyalty but need to convert the ticket to a win. Been playing some small cash games to get free tickets at 888 and still increasing my br there too. Feeling pretty ok about stuff at the minute.

That Party freeroll was a total fail for me.

Chopped (I can be glad I did not lose -.-) KQ=QJ, chopped 99 against an "all in every hand" donk, was card dead for next half hour. THen had to push some suited connector and lost. Big Smile

Well i've just had a horrible 2 weeks losing over $100 on party and over $60 on stars Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
i'm going to have to play in the lower priced mtts untill i get some more in my BR although i've still got a few hundred Dollar in skrill from when i cashed out before from party,i wanrt to keep that for a rainy day. Smile

gl at the tables all.

Well my miracle bet came in on the golf, Garcia collapsed somewhat.

£10 down instead of £100 now and things looking a whole lot better!

Keep it guys, teddy it will come good for you.

Loving my poker right now...

I'm playing 4 tables of $0.01/0.02 Zoom for as much as I can every day. Played around 20,000 hands the last three days and have boosted my bankroll from $200 to $249... I intend to withdraw half my profits each week... when I get to $500 I'll move up to $0.02/0.05... $1,000 move up to $0.05/0.10 etc etc etc....

It's basically a trial start of my professional poker career. So far so good - just hope it continues Thumbs Up

keep on the good work yout85 Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Hope your professional poker career goes foward and can be a profitable one Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
It looks a good business plan only to move up only after double your money but most important is stick to the plan don´t go up trying to cover some losses Aww crap! Aww crap!
Was my mistake Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

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