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Go hand, seems a composition!

Preflop earned the Kings.
On the flop the Ladies
In turn the Jacks
In the river all! Smile

Edited by leoberra (06 August 2014 @ 04:12 GMT)

Wow! Amazing hand man! Where did this happen and what were the stakes? I bet there were mixed feeling for everybody involved in this hand after seeing the river lol but they were probably happy because no bad beat happened, nobody lost anything so they can keep going at it. Anyway, very nice hand, haven't seen anything like this for a long long time! Thanks for posting it mate! Cheers!

NIce hand to say at least, the delaer and casino must be really happy, basically in the end the only winners were they since those players generated a lot of rake by going all in Smile

Hands like this happend also online as i'm sure you all know, they are spectacular but not profitable for players.

Add AA too that would be unreal

Afaik this hand happened at a dusk till dawn tournament not long ago, saw the pic for the first time a few days ago

This is an insane hand and i have never seen anything like it. If you see this hand in a movie you would think that they are doing another far fetched hand which never occurs, but it proves that they do exist

Holy sh*t. That's one time you don't want to hit a set if you're holding jacks.

Posted by tonespoker:
Add AA too that would be unreal

That would be just too insane. I wouldn't believe that one

hahaha yeah, it seems like a hand from one of those movies where the bad guy has 4 of a kind or something like that, something close to nuts, and the good guy has the absolute nuts which is usually a royal flush that he makes on the river. It looks like that because the chances of this happening are very very slim, but things like this still happen once in a while and it's nice when somebody captures that moment with a photo or a video and shares it with us all! Cheers!

wow leoberra, this hand is very crazy! Shock i completely agree with you. this is an insane hand. Simply fantastic to see. i want know Where did this happen and what were the stakes!!poker is a fantastic game.

That is an impressive hand indeed. Havent seen one like this before.
The one, or ones that had an Ace Smile would have been very frustrated after this hand.
I know i would, only if i had a good ace not one with rags Smile

yea i see some amazing hands, the other day i was all in JJ vs AA , on the flop i had JJJ on the turn he had AAA and on the river i had JJJJ, it's amazing but these things happen. Worship

Sick hand last real sick hand i seen was quads vs quads Big Smile

First thank you all for your comments

The truth is that after badbeat in WSOP

wherein AA AA Against lose ....

have appeared several similar to image situations ...

This particular began to turn on multiple sites ...

and I found it interesting to share with all ..

I think it's a Bad Beat!

Multiple rather a Bad Beat..!

Hi, this is what I call a sick hand, all with set and nobody wins Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!, it's just sick

thanks for letting me be part of this community and please excuse my English and my writing errors

greatgamne greetings

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