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Gus Hansen lost $ 845,565 Dollars   0   

Hello everyone ..

For some time I have been following what happens at the highest levels of online poker.

I have observed, great and important things but so far nothing like this

Gus Hansen lost $ 845,565 Dollars ...

I posted that Viktor Blom lost $ 170 in a day or

Gano over 300K ...

But that never ...

I bet the Russians took it!!!

I'm not too sure about this and i'm sure someone will put me right,when was the last time Gus Hansen
actually won ?

Posted by xgcsnippy:
I bet the Russians took it!!!

Always the russians !

He is bleeding money in cash games for some time now. Looks like the other players at those stakes have figured out his play. Maybe he should stick to tourneys for the nearer future.

Or he should just take a long long break. He has about 50k from last 2 years in live tournament cashes and he's played more than that

gus hansen is my hero- he is such a great poker player, he has the read on his opponents, knows when to raise, when to fold, he can destroy whole table by playing even without taking a peek at his cards. i tell you he is a master of the game- oh wait he is down ~$1m... just ignore what i said- guy doesn't even know what poker is Thumbs Down

Posted by leoberra:
I posted that Viktor Blom lost $ 170 in a day

did he get a ban from the high stakes tables?

Gus Hansen seems to be on a losing run which stretches back years. How he keeps bouncing back i will never know and surely he must be running out of money soon. He must have some very wealthy backers to withstand such losses

Gus should stop playing poker all together he keeps losing every years and his loss tally is pretty huge in my opinion but he still ahve a lot of money to play with, but i presume this is sponsorship money going out of the window and not his personal bankroll, so no biggie for him! Anyway i like him for his courage to keep playing though he is losing. So guys he is not going away anytime soon with full tilt sponsoring him. D:

Cheers have a nice day and good luck at the tables guys, go make some money!

as long as tons of people watch them when they are online playing,or drawing a crowd as they say he will always be a small winner in some way,with full tilt backing him,its better them tv most nights,when there all online playing.

one of the least eye candy player, in same league with Luke Schwarz. when i see them in episodes series i skip until they are out. arrogant losers, in both senses.

Hello everyone

It really is not where the money comes from

others say it belongs to its sponsors

others to his tournament winnings and real tables ..

the truth is that Gus been missing in the last year with more than

$ 19 million dollars ...

I think it is the player with more losses in online poker ..

Are these numbers correct? 19 milliions down? are you sure?
If that is the right number maybe he should start thinking of a career change.
If he hasnt bankrupted himself so far and playing with loans, he will do so in the near future.
Unless he gets lucky Smile

Means that the alltime losses? But who are the winning pro players in the poker wolrd? We can read in every poker school education, that all solid player are winning players longtime Big Smile And the real winner is (like every time): the Casino...

I wouldn't call the style of play from guys like Dwan or Blom "solid". Blink

Hansen is surely a good player, but that doesn't help, if the guys he is playing against are even better.

I have watched him playing a couple of times and he is the definition of an aggressive
player, to a point that it gets silly. Maybe that is the thing messing him up.
All the players that he is playing against have him figured.

Gus Hansen has lost more than $ 8 million in 2013 and the third time was the biggest loser of the year in online poker.

How will this 2014 is also a strong candidate to be the biggest loser.

Now I answer Mober:

In total he has lost about $ 19 million since records began.

The sad thing is that Gus is a talented poker player. He has won over $ 11 million in tournaments, WSOP bracelet, the Aussie Millions and three WPT.

The reason you lose so much money not because it is bad in general, is that it insists on playing the games of the highest levels and also against the best in the world.

I always saw "LUCK" also plays with poker players. Big Smile

I'm always surprised that Gus always comes back but the last years were a disaster for him really on cash games...

It seems that Gus has other sources of financing his games, i remember that in one moment he was like -13 mill dollars Shock

The slump continued Gus Hansen ...

On Sunday I returned again to lose.

This time over more than $ 140,000 to Chun Lei Zhou.

I would like to make a special post on this topic.

How can a wsop winner not stand to lose?

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