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Would there be a bit of interest in setting up a BRM Heads Up Championship??

Basically it would work like this:

We set up a Poker Stars home game group (or whatever they've called; they let you create private - password protected) games.

We all escrow a few bucks (say $1 to $20 - depending on what everyone agrees upon).

Then we play the home games, for play chips - so no real betting, though people *could* play their bracket for real $$ if both players agree).

We set up standard brackets, every pairing plays best of 5 (or best of 3) and we keep going, knock-out style, until there's a final winner.

Then - depending on how many people are involved, we pay out the winner(s) - the amount of places obviously depends on the amount of participants.

We did this same thing a couple years back, it was a really good experience for all involved.

Check this thread:

That was the last one..

So - how many people would be interested? I'd be happy to set it all up and hold on to all the escrow money (though someone else can, if preferred - so long as they're a trustworthy BRMer).

So what do ya'll reckon? Fucking game-on or what!?

Count me in Jess Thumbs Up

I'm in!

Awesome idea dude.

Yes! Thumbs Up

Yeah count me in. I suck at HU so would be good experience, but I would say keep it cheap (maybe $3 max??) so that all can play that want to.

I am also obviously happy for you to hold the money in Escrow etc

I would play heads up not sure about the format, if it is too aggressive then maybe like low chips not worth it, should be like a deepstack and i might think of playing and bore my adversary to death and go on to win the title and or maybe just lose money having fun with you guys i am a fish and also should be a good time for me, as based on uk time i would not be able to play, anyway cheers have fun guys and will be hoping to see how it goes and congratulate the winner. Hehe cheers, have a nice day mates!

I will try. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

great idea Thumbs Up Worship Thumbs Up 8=========D (.) (.) (oh that last doesn't belong here...never mind) i'm too poor to say no to a dollar or more (the fact that i am a sh1tty poker player might have sth to do with this as well) but one good thing i can do for you mobbits is to recommend a trustworthy fella for a safe escrow:

fcukin yeah Thumbs Up

Awesome, sounds like quite a bit of interest already.

Regarding the format of the games, for all of the early rounds, the participants can agree on things like starting stack, blind speed, etc. Though - we will set fixed properties for these for the semi-finals and finals.

Regarding the amount we each put in for the prize pool - we can possibly even make this variable, it will make the payout structure more complex, but nothing that can't be managed..

If you really want to - you can even just pay for the glory of it (don't put up any $$). Obviously you'll be ineligible to win anything, other than bragging rights - the prize money will just flow down.

Regarding time zones, I'm GMT + 10 hours, so it's not easy for me either.. But that is fine - we've done this before, it's not that tricky to figure it out.. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Basically - if you're interested in playing / would like to play - then play - the rest we can figure out to accommodate for everyone's situation (what you can afford, what times you can play - all of that can be figured out).

Main thing is - if you wanna play for the glory, then put your name down!!

For a few days we'll just collect a list of names, then I'll write a script to randomize the starting brackets.

And I will finally have a chance to get my title, last time we did this I was robbed!

I was in the final, best of three, we had one each, playing the final (third) game and this is how I lost the title:

PokerStars Home Game Hand #81402655980: {BRM Tournies} Tournament #569447515, 1+0 Hold'em No Limit - Match Round I, Level IV (30/60) - 2012/06/02 21:20:25 ET
Table '569447515 1' 9-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 2: mostly-human (2995 in chips)
Seat 4: Sevendeuce79 (3005 in chips)
mostly-human: posts the ante 5
Sevendeuce79: posts the ante 5
mostly-human: posts small blind 30
Sevendeuce79: posts big blind 60
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Sevendeuce79 [7c Qs]
Sevendeuce79 said, "if u had raised i'd have had to call"
mostly-human: raises 60 to 120
Sevendeuce79 said, "oh i had 2pr"
Sevendeuce79: raises 60 to 180
mostly-human: calls 60
*** FLOP *** [9h 7s 9c]
Sevendeuce79: bets 240
mostly-human: raises 420 to 660
Sevendeuce79: raises 2160 to 2820 and is all-in
mostly-human: calls 2150 and is all-in
Uncalled bet (10) returned to Sevendeuce79
*** TURN *** [9h 7s 9c] Queen of hearts
*** RIVER *** [9h 7s 9c Qh] Queen of clubs
Sevendeuce79 said, "ggg"
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Sevendeuce79: shows [7c Qs] (a full house, Queens full of Nines)
mostly-human: shows [9d 8d] (a full house, Nines full of Queens)
mostly-human said, "lmao"
Sevendeuce79 said, "OMG"
Sevendeuce79 collected 5990 from pot
mostly-human finished the tournament in 2nd place
Sevendeuce79 wins the tournament and receives 2.00 - congratulations!
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 5990 | Rake 0
Board [9h 7s 9c Qh Qc]
Seat 2: mostly-human (button) (small blind) showed [9d 8d] and lost with a full house, Nines full of Queens
Seat 4: Sevendeuce79 (big blind) showed [7c Qs] and won (5990) with a full house, Queens full of Nines


Sounds fun, count me in

I'll play, if i got the money(or the mobpoints).

But i'm not gonne spm the forum for it.

Goodluck at the table's and have a nice evening.

Greatings jakobusss.

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