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Sven Reichardt opened for 160,000 from middle position and Olivies Busquet three bet all in for 1,545,000 from the button. Reichardt instantly called. Busquet had {A-Spades}{2-Spades} and was in big trouble against Reichardt's {K-Diamonds}{K-Spades}.

Commentators Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan remembered Busquet's eight place finish in the EPT Monte Carlo Super High Roller: "History likely to repeat itself, as Reichardt almost flops him dead. Less than one percent equity," they said after Reichardt flopped a full house on {8-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{K-Clubs}.

Scott Seiver wasn't convinced of Busquet's nearing bust out though, and talked about the option of getting runner runner eights. "Or ace ace!" he added after the {A-Hearts} hit the turn.

It was still a long shot for Busquet, but he did have a chance again. The {A-Diamonds} hit the river and the table and commentators were in shock, though some acted like they had seen it many times before. With their online background, they most likely have.

Soooo after the flop he had 1% change turn brings him 5% change and river gives him the win 100% Shock Shock Shock Shock Shock Poker gotta love it Worship Worship

For real? o: Dude that's near impossible. Must have been a disgusting feeling for Sven o: Flopping a boat and losing to 1% runners, damn. That's harsh.

Good luck to all you fellow mobsters out there, hope this does never happen to you guys,

Hah yeah this is one sick hand and you would not be happy if you were on the receiving hand of that bust, it is like a slap on the face from the poker God , like karma thing doing it to you and you can only whistand it and smile as that will happen from time to time, nice luck there and yeah you would likely see that hand more often if you play online especially on zoom tables. Anyway sad for him to lose that way and good luck guys at the tables and to the OP keep posting would be fun to watch and see more good action!

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