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I hate these tourneys  0   
I play every day/week on FT, The Daily Edge - RGT and T$ and weekly Bronze Edge Freeroll - T$ and RGT.
Last week played Bronze Edge Freerol - RGT, with 100 x $10 Ring Game Tickets prize, got out on 130+. Then i played The Daily Edge - RGT, with 100 x $5 Ring Game Ticktes, got out on 120+.
And today i played The Daily Edge - T$ with 90 places paid. Well ofc after 1 hour and 40 mins got out on 140+...
I hate it. If i get out on first 30 mins, i have nothing to say, but getting out just before the pay.... its just fustrating.

Any one playing in these? How its working for you?

Have a nice day / night and GL.

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sorry to hear about your luck, I wish you the best, maybe can you post some hand histories of when you go out? and unfortunately no I don't normally play those. I prefer live but if I cant then PLO or mixed cash games are my favorites

yeah dude i have no idea why, but getting out just before paid places is frustrating.

cheer up there- i'm sure if you continue to put in the effort you will break the pattern and dollars will start flowing your way. good luck at the tables, on the tables and under the tables

Nope not playing in those,........
But i can asure you it only get worse......
I mean i went many times Deep in tourney (deep is last 50 from 5000 pleyers)

Just before Finale table 13/12/11/
Final table 9/7/4/1 but the 1 place was a 4 max shootout...

And most of the time with the best hand Aww crap!

you gotta love poker it can be so cruel.....
How many times i play 3 hours turbo to get kicked out the last 30 min Aww crap!


Hello all the Mobsters .....
I greet you all from the netherlands,
Hope you all have a good nice day,
And may the cashflow be good Blink

Bankrollmob is the greatest site ever, and i am proud to be a member,
Of this nice and friendly community from people all over the world.......
So Bankrollmob compliments for making this Super site/forum
And to all the people that are using this forum......Greetings from the netherlands.....
Have a nice day ore evening Gl to you all at the tables may the pokergods be with u Big Smile

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Bankroll mob is the way to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like you play those kind of tournaments but never get nothing out of then it´s to hard to get the top places
The start is very important because there to much donks and bingo players Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
the reward isto smal for the time spend playing it
Thumbs Down Thumbs Down sometimes still play on them but not a big fan

Yeah daily edge is not worth it as it is easy to get there if yo play and lose money or do not play a lot, so eventually you will end up with fishes and play lottery until somebody wins, anyway good luck there just play tight and you can get at least to the late phase and then you gotta be aggressive as there are less donkey moves and more good players at the final hurdle. So have fun mate and crush those be happy there are fishes it is better in the future if we play against fishes!

If you hate them, you can stop playing them Smile
Try to change a little bit your strategy there.
Since all places pay the same, try to get a good stack at the beginning, that will allow you to
sit and watch the others wrestling for a position in the tickets Smile
Good luck.

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