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I certainly don't mind a raise on the flop for info, I just prefer getting out and finding a better spot

I think donking is a viable option aswell... theres million worse hands that the limping fishes will call with and if you get raised you can just fold...

This the beauty of the game of poker every head plaus different and everyone thinks his way of playing it is the right one Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
To give a good opinion on that you need to kown our the other guys play the hands before if the guy that raise on the river is tight player it was a good fold

There's a better lesson to be learned here...

If hero calls the river, and loses to AK - Not many people would have commented on this thread, and the ones that did would say "poor play, obviously behind"... because in this instant we don't find out what villain was holding, there is much more discussion about it. Proving that people's analysis is often very results orientated.

It's easy to know it all when you.... well, know it all.

I stick by my way of playing this hand - you HAVE TO get some info. You just have to.

That's very true, if you already know what he has it id easy to say, I always like to discuss hands though but you DO can know what he has, you should always trie to imagine what he's holding, all possibilities.

Then trie to figure out which of them it is by:
1.Betting, a specific amount
2.Let him bet if you think he will bet

The majority here I guess prefers option 1( me included like I said)

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Why would you fold???? You had called him down on every street and if you thought you were in front on the turn you would still have been in front on the river after the three came down . I thought it was a very poor fold

Posted by vsemoje:
i dont like pasive line u took. i would check/raise and fold to shove or reraise on flop.
u dont get any info with just calling...

i would like to hear what others will say

have fun and gl at tables

I would absosutely agree with you. The only problem is that I myself would probably have played the hand exactly the way he did. I know it is wrong and too passive but most times I really play that way.

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