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The other day in a thread i said i would have fold with JJ very near before ITM and said that ITM was not the end of the game and that you could have good cards after.

Tonight i was playing an under the gun tournament we started 604 players and ITM was at 108.

Before ITM i had a very low stack and folded some good cards trying to make ITM and i did.

And like i said the other day the game is not over after ITM and i had a very good proof of it tonight
making final table and finished 5th. place


VERY nice result there Monsieur Pinotte... Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

I was considering playing in that but decided to keep my ticket until Sunday night... I kept the lobby up to see if anybody I knew came into some: Dollar Dollar Dollar ...

...I came down to get into the Frenzy and saw that you raked in some fairly serious CASH...!!! Heart

Good for you,...!

By the way,...last week I came 4 from the bubble in the Frenzy,...then the very next night pulled off a 3rd or 4th for $20...!!! Big Smile

I'm about to shove QQ...


I think that this is a good strategy when you are so close to the money. Very often i have seen players getting involved in hands when there is no need to and they often get busted out. Sit tight and then open up after the bubble is burst

Thats actually a pretty sweet win considering that the buy in was zero so basically all of that is profit Big Smile

I guess some decisions you need to take on the spot on poker, sometimes you need to listen to your instict, most of the times it pays oif!

I started my bankroll with a 32,5$ win at freerolls actually Big Smile very well played sir Blink

Cheers congratulations on your bif win mate, keep it up and good luck at the poker tournaments hope you get some luck and do well in next tournaments, you deserve it!! Cheers also at the poster above me , winning 30 dollars or so in freerolls is a good feat too and congratulations to him and i also want to be able to do this but keeps using the cash i won in the freeroll for the next cash game and then have to do it all over again lol. Anyway have fun guys and good luck and have a nice day!

It is a nice win, congratulations. Better result next time Smile
Depending on the prize money and the places paid i follow the same strategy.
When at first i was aimining at the final table, i wasnt getting even near the money Smile

Congrats to you,Pinotte Worship Worship
A very good result with a nice pay out Thumbs Up Thumbs Up to reach the final table is always hard work and a lot of good poker playing
Get the final table one time can be luck but reach several of then shows some poker skills which is your case Worship Worship
Keep up the good work and keep on winning Dollar Dollar

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