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Punched a hole right through my laptop  0   
Today was undoubtedly the worst day I've ever had in my Poker career, ending in my emotions getting the better of me and punching a pretty mahuuusive hole in my laptop.

How it started:

1. Pokerstars cash game $.25/$.50 put $25 in.

Me AKs (d) utg raise $2.50 plyr+4 RR 6.25 I know I should have probably RR'd here but I called. Flop Td Jd 3s I check. plyr 4 all in with more than me I call with a royal flush gutshot. turn 8d giving me nut flush river 3h. plyr 4 then pisses in my cereal with quad 3's.

Bad start to the day eh... it gets worse.

I exit Jokerstars and try my luck on full tilt.

2.S**T TILT sit and go jackpot $5.00

After winning three games in a row (one with a $30 prizepool) I play a few $10 jackpot SnG
and after 4 games I break even.

I decide to play one last game before going to the post office (just to get a breath of fresh air and refresh my mind as i'm still a bit frustrated.)

I reg in another $10 when the jackpot is $500
my heart races as this would really boost my bankroll.

2nd hand in and I've got black rockets in the BB player utg folds and small blind shoves with equal chips with me so I take a second deep breath then call. I've never been so horrified in my life with the result. I'm racing against 5's.

FLOP: A7d6d Turn: 4h

I am now almost in tears as the river produces a 8h and i've been beaten.

So I grab my coat and head out the door.

few hours later (and about 2236275165 cigarettes)

3. SHARTYPOKER I play in the BRM Bday freeroll and get knocked out by J4o hitting trip 4's against my Q9s 2pair.
disgusted I switch back to pokerstars with real venom in my clicking.

4. (ICING ON THE CAKE) Pokerstars I play in the $.50/$1.00 and get my $50 up to $340 in three hours, which is the best i've made this year.

I'm in the SB with 9's and no action before me so i raise to $6 which the BB calls to my delight the flop is 9JA I bet $14.50 which the BB Reraised to$64 I reraise this to $140 and he goes al in with $290 to my $340 I sit and think, only pocket jacks or aces are beating me right now. but no I dont think he has them so i pray and then call. he turn JAo over and i'm ahead Turn card 2 no help for him River as you probably guessed was another jack and thats when i put a hole he size of mexico through my laptop Lcd I'm no longer playing texas hold'em it's frustrating me just writing this but thought i better vent it somewhere.

Good luck

Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

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Thats brutal m8,.....
Are you rolled for playing that high btw....
Cus when you play higer games then probably is better for your bankroll..
Then you probably tilt easier when loosing a hand ore a dozens of hands...
Didnt you try to deal at the j/p tables cus you say thats a lot off cash for u...
Ore did nobody wanted a deal>?

absolutely killer i've ost my appetite for poker forever.
probably was biting off more than i could chew with the stakes. I came second in the $15 180 man 2 days ago so i was a ballin' after withdrawing half.
I would have made a deal with one other player but the thought hadn't crossed my mind as i woke up to aces.
Aww crap!

I've already bought in to the WCOOP 215 K.O on the 22nd sep as it's my birthday and I really want to play it but don't want to feel like this ever again so might unreg and withdraw

it happens trust me .. i got my share of bad beats .. but i always say i am gonna quit .. the next day i am back at it again Aww crap! .. as long as you are not losing an important amount of money .. then it is ok to keep trying .. i guess sometime the best hand will hold and the right play will be rewarded .. so just take a break and come back again Smile

That was a lot of bad beats. Try playing something else. Move to tourneys. Change your style. I've hited my laptop too, but not because of poker, i hited because of a stupid game. I punched my laptop ( in the keyboard ) 1st time just bend it a little in the middle. Now when i punched 2nd time , a bit left side, made an restart. another one, and it was working rly hard. had to change it. It was working rly slow even before, but then rly hard. So i changed it, and now is working rly good.

Have a nice day / night and GL.

I would have stopped for the day after that long run when the bankroll was at 340.
You got unlucky there, but it happens.
I think you need a bit of bankroll management plus self control Smile
Anyways good luck in your next games.

That really sucks, but it seems to me that you got let yourself get too high on the winning streak, then when it ended you ended going on tilt. It's as important to not let the good times effect you as it is to keep the bad times.


poor laptop of yours, though i can understand you- really sh1tty set of hands, don't give up dude- just go out to a shop, buy yourself a new laptop or tablet and try to keep your nerves in a can next time. i'm sure you will do better next time (punch a bigger hole?)

I agree, possibly many factors were folded so that able to feel taste of victory and then of gorche' defeat. It is a factor of success, it is not needed on it to pay attention. Confused

Its nasty m8,..
But what can you do about it,..
Iff i where u i would take a rest for a while,..
Reset your mind about poker,../
And iff you think over a few days ......Crap poker,....
Ore man i wanna forget the crap and start playing Thumbs Up

That sounds like a shite day at the office to me. But as we all say thats "Variance" or some balls like that. I would do what LIKEIT27 says and take a break. Have a Sunday off and return fighting fit. Look forward to seeing you on the WCOOP stage and don't let it get you down.

GL in the future......................

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Well, i guess every player thta played a significantly number o play could not deny that most of us had that tendency at least...

In some situations i guess it's very easy to cross that line and basically your laptop or pc will have a hole in the display...

I'm back to using XP right now which is a bit of a bummer.

A good tip I have is always wright down a bad beat, I have a small notebook which I have taken to church this morning to confession.

another good tip is if you are a angry loser get a punching back as my hand is in tatters. Evil

Good luck all and see you in a few days on the tables

You made an even bigger minus for yourself with that. Money management and self control are quite important things in connection with our game you have to stop and think through those things. If you made the right decesion than is not your fault next time will happen differently- good for you.

i put an end to p.oker for basically the same problem. bad beats that i cant endure anymore and i can't take any defeat off prizepool after putting hours in a game. i broken small finger and 2 keyboards because of this. now i play only online casinos, with NO MORE than one $10 tourney per month, one minimal deposit. after all bad beats i lost interest and nerves. i will never play this game with pleasure ever again. Angry

Pochui - That video is exactly how it happened. Props to you for the upoad. Shock

So you lose all that money and a laptop. Bad times indeed. Sad

The loss of the laptop feels like nothing compared to the anger at the pokergods, I will stop sacrificing goats by slicing their throats with my sharpened nine of diamonds card.

If it was an old crappy laptop, then you can say it wasnt that much of a loss.
While it was since it was working Smile but if it was a relatively new one then the loss was even bigger
than your bankroll.
Now you will have to earn that money back, plus more to buy yourself a new laptop Smile

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