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Banging out the PartyPoker UK&Ire 40 freeroll  0   
Currently first haven't made any major mistakes, picked up most of my chips playing simple poker.

just literaly picked up aces and got a good nother 20k off the other big stack..

wish me luck

150 k I'm on fire back to my poker caaareeeer with a bangggg

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Tell us how you doing??
Did you ship it..
What site u play on and what for ticket u can win????

I Qualified! finished 3rd with chips. 8 pp.
its on partypoker you sat into $20 40 seat frenzy which is final rd to 200k gtd $200

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Cheers mate well done and you have earned the rights to brag and very much happy for you, hope you keep up that form if lady luck allows it, my biggest win was like 50th or so outside top 100 and just got a measly 10 Dollars for full tilt first depositor bonus, i could have won it as i was doing good until my KK got cracked and i gone crying in my corner lol. Anyway have fun mate on the freerolls i will too playing mostly freerolls now as bankroll just got busted yesterday and nothing left to show for lol

6 bst partypoker be there im going for it again the field is weak.

Nice finish dude...! That's a wee bit of a toughie to win a ticket in....!

They have them over here for Canadians only. I play them most nights... In the last couple of months I've only managed 3 wins,.... Top 8 get a ticket... Normally about 300 - 400 entrants...

Now if you ask me,....Monsieur Pinotte seems the be the 'Frenzy Specialist' around these parts...!

Big Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

thanks guys took 2 or 3 days off since my falcon punch through my laptop and it did me a world of good.

there was just under 300 entrants and my luck was in and the field was very weak.

i played very tight to begin, not playing anything out early position, put lots of pressure on the blinds with a beaut of AKs vsAJo in the small blind taking my 9k to 20k
Once i had a decent stack i hit boat after boat on draw heavy boards K.o'ing multiple plyrs.

threw a few chips away at the end to hasten victory but in retrospect letting small stacks eradicate themselves in futile survival shoves.

LESSONS LEARNT: 1 I shouln't try to control speed of eliminations its gonna happen anyway.
2 windows XP freezes more than i remember... dont hit equiptment
3 a cup of tea or coffee is more relaxing than smoking a J
4. Morgan Freeman narrates a science program "through the wormhole"

Really a great result and im glad to read that you are back on track again Smile now take the target tournament down and play for the sweet sweet biscuit in the 200k Gtd Worship Cool

im deep in the valkenberg freeroll currently 16/44....3 paid...1803 start

People actually still use XP? Glad your doing well and banging some out.

finished 32nd AK vs 2's no action... phisix read my thread "punched hole through laptop" will explain all haha

Oh yeah stupid me haha. Big Smile 3 paid seems a bit crap to me tbh but keep trying.

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