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Pochui, can you put up a cash game where all members of the ridged place can chat.

Or play of course.

I think that whoult be great way to now the BRM people a little better.

Who would like some thing like this?

And is this leagle?

Greatings jakobusss

yeah i can put this up- table disappears from time to time if no one uses it, but it's no problem to open it up again. i doubt if many mobbits are gonna to show up, but lets give this a try... i will open a play money and cash table. have fun.

Let's see if there gone be some mobbers, if not we have try'd it and there is no harm done right?

Go Mobbers Thumbs Up

...Got the big notice in the email today as we all did,....and wondered,...'Do ALL nearly 600,000 BankrollMobsters get this email...?' Smile

I've played a few BrM tourneys with some of the guys,...and there's some pretty good players about...! Thumbs Up

Now,...get them together in one place with a few drinks and another mellee could break out...! Big Smile

No only the one's in th home game of pochui "the ridged place"

so jakobusss how did it go? based on my previous experience i assume that no one showed up right Big Smile
i guess cash games between mobbits are not going to take off, but a play money table is useful as an unofficial chat place, especially if someone needs to pass on an email or the size of her thong

There where two members of ridged place and me ofcourse, maybe if you came sometime there be more. Everybody wants to talk to the melonmaster.

greatings jakobusss Thumbs Up

Yeah setup a cash game pochui, you the boss every thing is for you to decide, haha anyway have fun guys on the home games, i was in several of them some months back but all of them seem to die down after a few months especially if we get players losing money and the owner not interested so not much activity in my home games.

Anyway have fun mobsters hope you have a great time, for a home game to be successful you need good people and good fun and banter and hope you get more players and some good games. Cheers peace out guys!

I'll play some NL2 cash, until I find out I can't beat you guys...

One thing that would be nice, is if we could discuss some things we notice about each others play/leaks. Could be useful.

I suppose it could work with playmoney as well, but it's hard to stay disciplined with that, maybe...

the way i see play money table is just a chat table. now real cash games, hmmm doubt it- maybe some small tournament here and there would work better.

Posted by Heskor:
...and the owner not interested so not much activity in my home games.

i did try my best a while a go, but eventually we ran short of players. nowadays rigged place is open twice a year- for brm x-mas and easter home games.

Posted by jakobusss:
Everybody wants to talk to the melonmaster.

naaah i'm too boring- besides boobs, cannabis and boobs i have nothing else to add

in pokerstars ? i would gladly join this home game , just organise the time
i can only bring 50$ , i wanna feel the players first and also i highly suspect that pochui is a master poker player and just want to make fun of us fishs and win our money
i don't think playmoney table would work , the thrill of poker is playing real money
Good luck Guys

I'd really like to play with fellow mobsters but I'll play at 888 if I will be staked. Anyway I'll look sometimes if there are any online and play along Thumbs Up

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