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I have NOOOOOOOOOOOOO IDEA what that one person said whom responded to your question (RE: 'cheating them up')?

Anyways, i am a LV local. Your best bet is to go to dealers school. Yes, they have classes that teach MORE than just BJ.

Otherwise, if you're in a smaller city, you may want to ask if the local casino / tribe / etc has a training class available.

I have NOOOOOOOOOOOOO IDEA why fried chicken tastes so good when dipped in taco sauce, but i have a clue that it wouldn't taste so fantastic if we dip it into straight and unfiltered bullsh1t. what more i suggest everyone to ignore gnomes surrounding us and concentrate on intellectual dishevelment of inner self.

lol what are you guys talking about , you just seems to be talking some nonsense about taco chicken and school lol , anyway have fun with the talks and hopefully we can decompress and play some poker and make some money. Cheers gonna go out tonight i think , not sure to a Disco or a casino , never been to that casino so not sure if i will enjoy myself there. Anyway good night tonight lot of fun will happens and i hope you guys do have fun too at the tables!

Posted by superthight:

. Yes, they have classes that teach MORE than just BJ.

Big Smile Big Smile really i didn't know they had classes that teach that. Big Smile Big Smile


Shock < HUH...???

...classes that teach BJs...???

...and the enrollettes will either pass or fail....there's no middle grey area's,...but ALWAYS a big welcome to remedial classes afterwards where they can practice until they get it just right...! Thumbs Up

I have NOOOOOOOOOOOOO IDEA what to do when I have to go for a sh!t but it won't come out. Sometimes I will drink a few glasses of water. Sometimes I will do crunches. For sure increasing fibre intake is a MUST. But when I do all of this and it still doesn't work I have NOOOOOOOOOOOOO IDEA what to do. Big Smile

What came first the chicken ore the egg,..
Some mad science right there..
And the cow i mean wt f black and white iff it did the moonwalk it would make sense Tongue
And for the this topic I have NOOOOOOOOOOOOO IDEA Whats all this about Big Smile

K guys we have had our share of loosely strung together threads that often go off on crazy tangents (most of which end with boobs or how putin has everything in his pocket) but I just can not make any sense of this post... OP looks like they are answering a question i dont see and then each post seems completely un attached to the rest this is truelly a hodge podge of a post well done as usual mates Thumbs Up

It's such a shame that you have NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO idea about the content and meaning of this thread. It is quite simple really. Superthight is advising us ll that there is a school teaching people how to do BJ's. In her following posts she will include how to contact the said school so that we can nominate persons of our choice to attend!

Guess this will become something like iTestify? With NOOOOOOOOO IDEA now!

So let's keep this running, I have really NOOOOOOOOOOOO IDEA if this is working but it'll bring us more mobpoints! Blink Thumbs Up

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