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Hi all fellow bankrollmob forum members. I've been away for awhile mostly because I was a bit depressed. For those of you who didn't know, my marriage ended and it was a very difficult time for me. During that same time i blew all my poker money, to be honest i was in no psychological condition to play, but I did anyway. Haven't played poker for many months and now I am finally back to try to make a decent bankroll once again. I was sad to see that all these new bonuses are not available for my country, but at the same time happy for those who can enjoy the new bonuses.

So here I am, ready to play again. If anyone wants to help an old friend out with whatever you can, feel free. Let me know how you guys are. See you and take care!

C mon man stay up with moral! raise from your ashes and scoop every pot Thumbs Up
I wish you the best luck at the tables!
What and where do you play?

damn same thing kinda happened to me, lately ive been playing lots of poker trying so hard but i keep on losing Sad im going broke! any tips can u give me and what do u guys suggest i should play as starting hand like only a few strong hands suggest pls!

That totally sucks man. If I were you, I'd play some play money and sell that play money for cash. I'd never invest 1cent of mine into poker, only reinvest what money I won from poker.

About your marriage, I'm very sorry and its hard to play when you have that on your mind. It will take some time to get over. Theres things that'll make you get over it faster like strippers, lap dances, etc. You just have to find something to replace that 'empty void'. Have some desire in your life, live for something. Just trying to motivate you. You have to find out on your own. Have you tried therapy?

where ? how? do u sell play money ???

Alarido, just goggle,
WB thefodz, iv enjoyd reading some of your posts, you bring fun to the forum Smile , shame about your marriage, hope you are in a better state of mind now and thinking about getting a new girl and a fat bankroll, my poor bro gets hitched in 2 weeks and has stiched me up with the role of best man, he will regret it Evil
I got a shead full of free chips on UB if you want to sell them, i cant be botherd.

Yeah, I know the feeling there. It's harder to build something when you restart at 0 than you already have something and keep building.

I don`t know what to say fodz. Didnt know you were going through hard times but i was wondering what happened to you. Now i see that it was not easy for you, but you know what people say, if it aint working and you cant repair it, throw it away and buy a new stuff. Im not saying that your ex is a thing or piece of furniture but you can apply same principals. Ofcourse it is harder to give up on someone specially if you love her.
For financing problem only solution is one that will solve your ex problem. Until that happens freerolls are best solution, trust me on that. Unfortunately I have hit the bottom some month and a half or two maybe, actually it is not so bad after all. Learned lot of things from it except one, stay out of casino. Im building up slowly and now im holdng steady and even made first withdrawal after some time. You know how poker is if something pops up ill let you know.

remember this if u take in mind that poker will make u LOTS of money instantly, it is wrong man u gotta think about how u will make your bankroll tight. u gotta slowly gain up then once u get in the 1000's then yea u can make a living out of it Big Smile

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