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So sick  0   
>Playing PSO premier skill league
>up 700 or so from 2,500 starting stack
>Blinds 50/100
>Pick up KK from UTG
>Raise to 250
>Everyone folds to button, who calls
>BB calls
>Pot 800
>Flop Qh 6d 7h
>BB bets 400 (half pot)
>Raise to 1,499
>Button folds
>BB shoves
>I obviously call
>BB turns over KdQd
>Doing mini laps of my outdoor deck because I'm having smoko's whilst destroying scrubs
>Turn 9d
>Oh no
>Please Based God
>Don't do it
>Don't punish me
>Don't give this donk more chips after he called a 5 bet shove with QQ and flops a set against AA and KK
>River Jd
>Laptop almost goes through wall
>Take calm drag of ciggie
>Table closes
>Can't upload to Boomplayer
>Furiously close laptop
>Take sip of beer
>Take drag of smoke
>Take deep breath
>Almost cough
>Start reporting the hand history to forum
>Wait for fellow mobbers to console me

Pokershark74 uses action :*Consoles Tonespoker*

Uses action: *Pass Dutchy left*

Lol Sounds like your having one of those nights mate I would hope you take a breather usually tis best after a bad sesh. I imagine The lose is extra frustrating as its League hope your rating didn't suffer to bad mate.

Pokershark74 uses action: *Pats Tonespoker on back*

Hope Lady luck shines her light on you mate Thumbs Up

why god why
runner runner
it is unfair Disagree
try not to cry ----> cry alot
it is really bad beat man , but when we agreed to play this devil game , we all knew we gonna get our hearts crushed sometimes ...
it makes me feel warm inside to know that i am not only one going through this Tongue

>Lose 50 points
>Roll over
>Try not to cry
>Cry alot

Posted by tonespoker:

>Don't give this donk more chips after he called a 5 bet shove with QQ and flops a set against AA and KK

Seeing this is a freeroll I see no way of him being a donk in this situation.
I also can't see anything wrong with his play in your posted hand.
Flat pre is fine, Flop is a bit overplayed in general but in a freeroll he will be beating the average range of an average freeroll player.

Maybe don't only question hands you're getting sucked out in, also question situations you're sucking out, simply winning etc., otherwise it will make this just look like bad-beat-cry threads.

Wasn't questioning his play.
It is a freeroll, but it is the PSO premier skill league that is MEANT to be the freeroll without people playing like its a freeroll

Im amazed about how many times ive lost with AA´s to someones set of lower pairs.. Confused Aww crap!

BankrollMob Forum » Hand Histories » So sick

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