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yout85 : why do you assume he is gonna keep losing ?
maybe he learned and now he is on a higher level , experience is important , and he seemed he got plenty now and he improved his game
no one has done this before , won 3 major MTT on the same day , one of them he was on a field with over 35K players
you are so fond of yourself , and i like that and i think it is helpful in poker but you can't undermine somebody achievement like that , i would take that bet of thousands if you want

I'm not undermining the achievement...... at all. It's immense. Incredible...

I merely stated he was a losing player who had 3 outstanding results, totally out of the blue.

I'll likely be on here tomorrow apologising to everyone for being such an ass today... But right now, I'm not in the mood to back down.

I remember when actor James Woods won too big tourneys on the same night,on fulltilt,every one thought it was suspicious,that a person could do that,he laughs about it today,his friend who was watching him play, told them to to take pictures,cause no one would believe him.

I have finale tabled a few tourneys in one night and won1 tourney and placed 2 nd in the other and 7 or 8 place in the other one,this was on 888 a couple years ago

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you were right , he was a losing player , he was down 28k ,if i lost that i would probably commit suicide Disagree
but i believe in improvement , you mentioned he had only 5 1st place , 4 of them came in the last couple of days and it tells me alot , that he is now composed and focused
so i think this is the break he needed to up his game and not becoming another 'pro' who keeps losing

Posted by yout85:

Over the same period I have played 504 tournaments... came in the money in 19% of them, made 35 final tables, won 5, 2nd in 6 and 3rd in 5...

Using beloved OPR, in MTTs with proper field sizes you have 15% ITM and some of your FTs were VERY low fields.
Besides, chances are variance was with you, over 500MTTs easily possible.

His finish distribution alone is speaking for him. A heavily 1st-heavy finish distribution is usually showing a very good player (at least all regs with a very heavy 1st-place-distro are almost always the "better" regs). Again though, could be variance.

Really please don't throw around with numbers before a proper sample is reached, not even for 9 man SNGs to make safe assumptions these would be high enough samples, while 9 mans are 10x less variance than MTTs.

This here is pretty good:

Please keep in mind the article is already a few years old and games were much softer back then (pre black friday), the best MTT regs playing high volume make 30% ROI at most nowdays.

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