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so i decided to have a go at your leaderboard on duck poker as i have done with poker stars and fulltilt and had a lot of fun battling friends for positions, not so much on duck poker tho 120 players and only 2 get paid ? whats that all about lol, dont mind playing 2 3 hrs for even some kind of cashout and a few points but 2 3 hrs and only2 people get paid and get leaderboard points well it aint worth playing at all at least 10 should be paid from 100 player field just to make leaderboard a sporting chance lol wont be playing it again.


The DuckPoker freeroll payout structure has been corrected now.

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Well I also thought of signing up with DuckPoker for competing in the leaderbord, but then read the above post and decided not to do it.
Now you say that the structure has changed (to which kind of payout structure?), so I will rethink of it again, lol.

100 player Miniman 15 fee should be placed Aww crap! Worship Smile

If i see it correctly, there are no longer only two places paid in the Duck-Poker freerolls, but three. I have my doubts if this small change in payout structure will stop the whining here.

Edith says: The number of paid places rises with the number if players.

Edited by shokaku (14 October 2014 @ 15:30 GMT)

looks much much better now Smile
124 players and 27 payed
i will play this just for fun and to meet follow mobsters Smile
gl and watch for me Smile

has anybody withdraw from duck poker using visa wondering how long it takes to get your money

I dont know if it was intentional paying only two places at first or a mistake.
Besides a couple of satellite game i have seen in the past, never saw another tournament paying
two only Smile sng's yea.

I came in 4th yesterday in a \BRM freeroll with a 2 person payout, when I got on line this morning it had been adjusted and Duck Poker paid out as they now do today, so thankyou to them for the adjustments. Now if someone could fix the last password of the day to Duck Poker so it works, all would be good, the last game yesterday same thing the password would not work, they have the date listed as the 15th and it is still the 14th here , think that is causing this. Notice others could not get in and that the freeroll did not have any entries because of this, it is only the last one of the day that is affected.

Technical problem or glitch with 0:00 Duck server time (23:00 GMT) tourney still persists.
There must be a conflict between Duck and BRM server time that has to be resolved or reconciled.

Duck poker is great and have good freerolls ive played them and won a few they are a good experience and fun .. But I can never get my bankroll high dont think they have much money floating on there tho but a good site nice players too ..

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