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A Few Thoughts On The Edge-Sorting Case  0   
Exactly my thougths to this case. There was a snowballs chance in hell, that the casino would lose this case in its oen jurisdiction. And Ivey is a well known player. What chances would Joe Average have in such situations?

You'll never beat the house at the best of times... but when the house has the best lawyers that (punter's) money can buy... Even gamblers like Ivey are screwed.

I dislike casinos already... They won't take my money, because I won't give them the chance to... But I dislike them as they basically give poker a bad name.

This whole story doesn't help that one bit.

Edge-sorting is cheating though isn't it?

It's not the noticing of the flaws in the cards that is wrong, but altering the orientation of particular cards (i.e. all low value cards), so you can distinguish them, face down, that is cheating.

You might as well mark all low value cards with a felt tip pen. No one would argue that is not cheating.

I'm not sure if this is what Ivey actually did in this case though.

If the reports are correct, he himself did nothing. He just asked the dealer to turn the cards the way he wanted them to be turned. Superstition, you know. The dealer did so. Just like asking the dealer for a helpfull card at the river.

casinos dont help u manage yur bankroll instead it will ruin yur life and broke a family worst than ever .they think all players are cheating but the reality is online casinos are more cheater than ever and no 1 chases them as they pay to those bastards protectors or investigators ???i got lot of spam casino bonus offer but 1 of them never read it .and fast delete message .people had already been awaken about casinos its time for you to ;close the casino!!!!!

Yeah you are right if the court is brought into a casino case then surely the player will be innocent in my eyes too because casino always have the edge and they still does not want to pay when variance hit them and so on! Anyway look at the online casinos they sucks give you big bonus and when you hit a good patch and try to withdraw they block it or when you finished your roll over requirement they take like forever to pay.

Anyway good luck and keep those blog posts coming mate. Cheers peace out mate!

i was shocked when i read Ivey lost the case. in my opinion here. if the house thought Ivey was doing something wrong about that. why would they let him play LONGER AND BIGGER? when they can have him stopped playing already after he won like a hundred or so... but 7.7M? i think they have had some negligence in their part, which i think Ivey just had to impose against the court. even if the case was in favor of the house. he should file some counter and emphasize that if was cheating then why the hell he'd be filing a case he cant win Smile ( just my thoughts)

man this Ivey dude never learns- he should forget about beating the casino and open one himself. he's a celebrity, also a known gambler- he could team up with some casino operators and have his own place (or at least be a major shareholder) and do edge sorting and table banging in his own casino day in and day out

I cannot agree with you more and i to was angry when Phil Ivey lost this case but as with you, i was not surprised. He found an edge and why shouldnt he exploit this. Very good blog

I have read quite a lot about this case and when you look at the details you will see that the casino,and the casino in Iveys' other lawsuit,negotiated the terms in which the game would be played,including the way the cards were dealt and placed,the brand of cards and also the card colour.
If I was the casino security chief I would be suspicious.
The person Ivey was with was "known" in the industry for this type of behavior and had been banned from at least one chain of casinos.Ivey was allowed to play at casinos using the same terms after this "cheating" had become widely known.
He started off at 50k a hand and to begin with was losing heavily until after a short period of time he says he is now happy with everything and started winning and was then allowed to increase his stake to 100k and maybe even 150k according to some reports.
If I was casino security I would be very,very suspicious.The casinos in question are either very incompetent or as the blogger says were viewing the situation as a freeroll and had no intention of paying out.

I see it like this Phil Ivey did nothing wrong,..
The casino need to be happy he admit that he looks at the edge of the cards..
And that they are not flawless the same,..
This (they way i look at it)
Should be something the casino have to act like a good company,
They should pay Phil ivey out with no hassle,...
And excusse themself for card that terrible,..
Sure the casino have money enough to get cards,
That are perfect the same (on the back ofcourse Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile )

Close that Casino no more gambling on this caino where ivey lost his winning ,you no

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