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Is there anyone here who plays or is good good at HU?

I dabble in it when I am usually with my poker mate when we are drunk(basically once in a blue moon as I hate HU) and I am usually okay, but we played a few on Ladbrokes a little bit ago and I was getting my ass owned. The villain was odd betting and kept hitting the same pairs that I had but always with a higher kicker or hitting good stuff.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone has tips or tricks on how to do well in it for when I dabble again or obviously if I ever get into a Final table duel when it's the last two.

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I would also like to hear about some tips on playing heads up because i always seem to struggle. I think i am not aggressive enough and would rather sit on a full table and wait for good spots. I look forward to reading some replies

At the lower elves you can play the cards if you play the turbo format on pokerstars and wait for the other player to get bored and all in there chips when you got AA , though it surely make the game go slower but if you want faster games hyper the way but you have to know when to be aggressive in HU and also know the read of the flow the game is going! Anyway good luck mate have fun with Heads up poker and dont play drunk this is a sure way to lose money.

Position, position, position.

It's important on full tables, but at heads up it's VITAL. Play your button aggressively, as those are the hands you'll act last... and don't make loose calls in the BB - you'll be out of position the whole hand so the SB can dictate the play.

The moment you lose control of a heads up, you will likely lose.

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