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Okay sorry to bother you, I now we don't know each other very well but you are the best SNG player in the forum as far as I know so I would enjoy your advice Big Smile

What do you think about the 90 man 1$ Turbos? Are they overall "good" to play and build a bankroll on? If not which is a good replacement? And if yes, is 100 buy ins enough?

Again sorry to bother, if you manage to answer I'd be really grateful.

No bother at all Smile
The 90 mans are very good tourneys, as far as I know (or unless they changed that) they also have a different structure, meaning there are a few unusual levels inbetween (350/700 etc., again, not sure if they took that off). Basicly all SNGs are good in a way, some have lower duration meaning more volume (usually the STTs), some have higher edge with larger field size and thus higher ROI. It depends where you wanna go once you've built up a bankroll, if you plan on playing MTTs in the future then certainly everything from 27-180 mans will be suitable. It depends alot on personal preference, like for me playing solely 90 mans the tables would open too slowly, but if you don't have that problem then sure, go for it Smile
As for replacements, tbh. everything from 45-180 mans plays pretty similary except for the ICM spots, there every format kinda is individual.

I definetly am made to play cash games. So I guess I'll stick to the STT and take some shots at the cahs games from time to time. Thanks a lot for your help. Hope you run good sir Big Smile

If you are used to cashgames then I wouldnt recommend turbo formats, would require a lot of learning before being able to play them, $1 180s are good if you have enough time, as well as non turbo STTs (I currently play these solely), good winrates possible there and the play at the important stages is usually pretty deep. Turbos would require you to learn all the relevant ranges, which are obv. important in non turbos too, but cashgame relevant skills will be of big use.

Thanks Big Smile

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