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hi i bought a ticket for a tournement last night $50 sunday super rebuy 15k gtd 5 hours before it started it started at 6 oclock when i relised i couldnt register because the tournement wasnt even there because it had changed to pokerfest 5 i contacted support this was 3 hours before tournement was to start i was told my ticket could be used for that tournement it couldnt so i said give me my points no they cant even refund points on a tournement that there selling tickiets for thats not running, they said ill esculate the problem to the relevant team its now been 27 hours and still no word from them

i didnr realise how small party poker is ive spoke to the same online chat people 4 5 times in 16 hours

lesson to learn stick to pokerstars where customer service is number 1

i even have a copy of conversation with one support agent who gave me a false phone number for complaints

That doesn't look too good...
How many points did you redeem to purchase the ticket?

565 a think you wouldnt think it would take this long for a refund there cant be many workers working there i guess

they will sort it, give it time

Like i keep repeating myself and most of you would know by now that i am a fervent supporter of not joining party poker with real money and just joined them for freeroll as their site sucks and they get lot of problems, i know someone who lost a lot due to their software disconnecting a lot and him losing pots big ones and not getting refunded and him getting tilted in the end due to so much craziness from party poker. Anyway good luck there and hope your problems solved!

I mailed PP customer service a few time and it always take at least a week to get an answer Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

As fot the phone service they are just peoples answering phone and cant solve any problem of this kind. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

True service is very bad compare to stars.

cheers heskor ill give it a hour i wanted to swap the ticket for tourney tonight same price of ticket if that doesnt happen im gonna copy all the chat messages on here and 2+2

hi ice queen ive been waiting since 2pm yesterday a think thats long enough how long do you think i should wait?

usually about 4 days for party. they have been having a few software issues of late, slowing things down. think they are being dos'sed with 888 too

yes i as the cash out would u imagine if yur in the middle of losing and have a descent needs only having 35dollar with a charge 10dollar plus a bank charges only got left is 9dollar put in my account !!!!!what kind of poker party is that we already paying yur rake and tickets u given are limited .should u prefer yur site as for high rollers only!!!!!!no 1 in a casino charges hes or her withdarwal ever i seen this partypoker!!!!INSANE

other sites DO do it. for instance, 888 hides in 'exchange rates', u can deposit and withdraw at same time, you always get a fair bit less back

hi ice queen i dont agree ive not had any poker playing problems on party except from last sunday night and as for waiting 4 days for a answer to a question a need answered within 3 hours i dont think its acceptable for such a big big company ive never waited any longer than 2 hours for 1 at pokerstars

i agree with u regarding 888poker ive been getting dissconected for past 2 days

i dont want to withdraw anthing all i want is to swap a ticket i bought with another of the same price

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they have had at least two days when its all gone down.

I get that you haven't waited 2 hours at pokerstars, but this isn't pokerstars, its party and they have different time frames

yes it is annoying, but that's part of what you sign up to with party. its same as with 888.

what I usually do is live chat a lot, until they get it fast tracked

ive been on live chat 6 times since 2pm yesterday afternoon they just keep saying its been escalated to another department a dont understand why it takes 31 hours to swap a ticket or refund my points and when was party down? i only know of last sunday night

ive been on the phone aswell internation rates

im talking on twitter just now with them probs be 2 days before they reply
really s**t site think ill just cash out n uninstall it not worth the hassle

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Posted by wullie:
lesson to learn stick to pokerstars

Thumbs Up sad but true

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