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Is it me? Have i woken up in Bizzaro World? How could such an issue go on for this long without any repercussions/compensation or even a clear explanation (one that doesn't involve the use of ambiguity and technical jargon revised by a laywer (such as those we see defending war criminals or OJ Simspson)

The Glove Fits but what is happening! We've all lost a good deal of money/weekend and pretty much a good time. Now it's our patience. Sorry doesn't cut it anymore. Nore do the $5000 Dream Tickets which no longer are of any use since it ended (even though the exipiration date states otherwise).

As for the Halloween Freeroll... Forget about it! 5 seconds into the 1st game... Technical Issues. What do we get as an explanation. Tweet your name if you were affected. Sure ill tweet my username. If fact i was the 5th to tweet it (3min after their post) Nothing. Never got a ticket... Not even an answer.

If you ask me... i think they are covering up some flaw or virus that hit their system... Why else would they not spill say or do anything. In an response to a complaint i read on my888poker... the staff explained that they had backup generators so the system wouldn't crash (this was back in July). He even went so far as to say he saw it with his own eyes.

Just Need to vent out some of my frustration...

Best of luck on the tables

SUPER! Now Twitter is down.

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some thing funky is going eh,you can almost see

It does look strange that 888 do not seem to be taking their customers complaints very seriously or offering some kind of explanation.I was playing the first Hallo win game and about 90% of the players just got disconnected and interestingly the players that were left were from all over the world so obviously the disconnected were all random players.

Twitter is acting up i think today and if you want to get contact to 888, better try mail rather than twitter for today or come back tomorrow and try to contact them, i know how yo feel abot those losing streak and cards not going your way ,we all don and what make a good player is to be able to deal with those run and hopefully in the long term it will all changes and your skill will prevail and you will be in profit, peace out and good luck!

OK the oftware sucks sometimes, but they have a lot of nice freeroll promotions and special offers. And the support at 888 are verry good and can help you with all of your questions verry fast. Perhaps it can help you to delete the sftware and download again.

Such problems can be very bad for a site. When they are keep happening, many
players get frustrated and just switch a platform. Compensations should be given
when there is a loss of course and has to be a good one. Like the 70$ we saw in another
thread Smile But that of course cant be happening all the time. An equal compensation
with a bi added to it its fine.

I agree with all of you. It's a love-hate relationship. They do (or did) have a phenomenal customer service response and loads of great freerolls. But lately it's all fallen apart.

I've also noticed they removed the Facebook Icon/Link from the tables. Even on Facebook their page is nothing more than a copy/paste from wikipedia. I guess they don't want bad publicity.

They emailed me a free ticket (compensation for the Halloween freeroll) EXCEPT the software/my account doesnt register it.

I've reisntalled the software/contacted via twitter & email. Got nothing. I guess I've got to WaitWaitWait and Wait a little longer.

I think they are being doss'ed along with partypoker

IceQueen, what is wrong with party poker??? I was going to deposit Friday and play a few hands

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