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something needs to happen where do we look to or goto? people who know there site isnt 100% shouldnt be active until it is so technically there stealing our money??

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It's bad, but unfortunately nothing can be done. There is something in the T&Cs on every poker site relating to disconnections... basically pointing out they are not liable, but do have compensation procedures in place.

yout85 its not disconnection problems, its the site kicking us out over and over.

livechat have said so.

if they cancel the mtt we get money back or share of prize fund.

but they wont cancel, they just run them knowing we keep getting dc'd, so they don't have to pay out

I am not letting this one go until I get my money back at the VERY least

It's weird.... and totally unacceptable. Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

im with u ice queenace totally agree but what can we do ?? im still in 15000gtd $50 bounnty ive tool one so far but im down to half average lost a good few pots because of disconetion grrrr

grrrrr im gonna post a pic fuckin sick of this glad im ris of this site after my tourny

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It is now the next day and it appears the same problem is happening again,I have Party poker open and every 5 minutes or so the service status page appears saying I am "unable to connect" and "problems with MY internet" PP say their status is very good which is complete rubbish.
I have my son with me playing minecraft online and my work computer is fine so obviously it is a problem with PP.
Their status legend should have another option called "Fu**ed if we know....Enter at your own risk"

They could just put that up as a permanent status and be done with it - at least they'd be being honest.

Such a sad decline for a once great site. 10 years ago they frequently had over 200k players online at a time (now they are too ashamed to even tell you how many are on), there were daily $5,000 freerolls with no entry requirements, SNGs would fill up in seconds...... It's like seeing Mohamed Ali nowadays after knowing how he was in his prime.

Just so sad Sad

On a more positive note.... I love Minecraft! Big Smile

yeah klash, lots of us have it.

I am currently arguing with support, I believe they need to pay back $30 buyins from last night when their site kept going down and also honour two missions that I was unable to complete because their site was down.

watch this space I guess

Good luck with that Ice.... though I really fear the result will not be anywhere near satisfactory. I'm sure they (or more specifically, their lawyers) are smart enough to put something into the small print covering themselves in these sort of situations.... Even if they aren't smart enough to know that when you have a licence to print money, you should keep doing what has been working - not pissing their customers off and offering shoddy customer service.

Told you as i told everybody who makes a party poker post, i always said party poker is a sad site to be if you want to make money off real money, as they have all kind of restrictions for money players and software buggy and support not good , anyway play there for the freerolls and not for cash and you have the chance not too lose money and much more , time!!, anyway peace out gonna grind a bit of NL2 so good luck mate!

actually party is like this atm (as is 888) due to outside issues

stop slamming party in every post, it really is very sad

I have been back at PP for a while now and never had any issues before.The problem these days is businesses are scared to admit when it has problems,especially if it could be a security issue and I kind of understand why.
I won a ticket to play the 10k big add on and was going to play tonight but maybe it is best to leave it for today.I still prefer PP to most and hopefully they will sort things out and maybe make sure the support do a better job of looking after their customers. Smile
I think they should definitely be refunding players from last nights tournaments.

they have been under attack
They suffered a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack and Ithink that they were not the only ones
888poker; Partypoker even Pokerstars had problems in the last few days Aww crap! Aww crap!
Hope that they already solved the problem and everything get back on track Question Question

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