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ive been visting here the past while havent hit anything on calender in months never ever cracked the safe and only once did i win the mob draw had like over 700 tickets mabey 800 at the time anyone have any hard luck still not bad i guess, with mob games besides me but i do say i like your freeroolls ty all the same got free bonus's from u guys thanks so much!

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Never give up mreid, I cracked the safe back in 2010 and won a cool $50. I empty all my 5 boxes everyday in the calender and have won on 3 occasions. 50 sfae cracks,200points and 200points today. Best of luck and keep trying Dollar Dollar Dollar

best site
the games are not hard , some sites just make it impossible

haven't won anything yet , and lost the draw last sunday , i had 1490 tickets in ..

but i aint complaining , i will try my luck again this sunday with almost 500 tickets

the safe need more time to save the most shots you can get , thats why i am sticking to the draw

calendar this was my best month yet , i won safe shots + draw tickets + 1200 mop points

i am gonna keep playing , hoping to get that 50$ soon Big Smile

very good you guys im happy for you both!
tomorrow it will be all duck poker freeroolls and no depositors id say!

You just have to keep trying the calender and the safe and hopefully one day your luck will change.The best thing to guarantee the points is to collect the 50 points every day for writing on the forum.I have spent about 1000 points on the mob draw and not won so I leave that alone now but always check the safe for extra free tries and I have won that twice this year.
Good Luck. Smile

Hi, everybody.

I already some time am here, among community and I try to catch a bird of good luck for a tail. Sometimes it turns out, sometimes not. As will carry. Happens in a month of anything it is impossible to open in a calendar or to hack the safe, but there was a case when I in 4 days won three prizes.

Hope for good luck and it will come.

Good luck all at tables and in life.

Dollar Dollar Dollar Worship Dollar Dollar Dollar

I love this this site
Heart Heart Heart
The main reason is the forum people a bunch of good guys ready to help each other Thumbs Up then there are the games that are quite easy and user friendly(all you need is a bit of luck)
Don´t forget the bankroll offers and of course the freerolls Worship
Well it got it all-I LOVE BRM

BankrollMob Forum » » No winnings from site in a long time but still thanks!

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