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Poker can be strange at times  0   
I have reach the final table at Duck poker $10 freeroll, Now the entire game ( 1 hour 40 minutes) i have not had pocket cards once. But now on the final table i have had 4 pocket cards in 5 hands KK - 66 - 88 - 88 I won the fist all in Blink everybody folded the secon, the third i lost to JJ and the last they all folded again. What a strange game at times

Indeed It is
I was playing in poker-stars , and i was sitting in this table for 40 minutes , and one guy had probably 8 or 9 times AA
it was unbelievable , didn't lose one hand with it , but he is fish
he had big stack , he raised i called , small stack pushed all-in , he called but then i pushed , he thought about it then he called me
small stack had 1010
i had JJ
he had freaking 7-2 of clubs
i won of course
Some people just don't deserve the cards they are getting

Hi, everybody.

Can be. Though when we like game we don't notice it.

Happens that AA, KK, JJ or still something comes to one distribution for example.

Consequences are unpredictable.

Good luck all at tables and in life.

Dollar Dollar Dollar Worship Dollar Dollar Dollar

To coin a footballing phrase, 'it's a funny old game!' ...... And indeed it is....and perhaps as importantly, so it should be. If everything was predictable, it would be exceptionally boring and no one would play it. Rough with smooth and enjoy!

   0 is really unpredictable game until now.u cant really expect the unexpected.even yur bankroll .i might gust have 1dollar today but who knows u can make it to 2k someday .i think almost everybody experienced that kind of situation .but knowing the situation if you are in good patience good luck will come apart aslong as u have patience and respect Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

I have just reached the final table of PCA qualifier on Pokerstars. Won me 10 Bucks and a ticket. I was eighth, but it could have been much more: All in with AK and lost against J7 - strange!

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