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Still no reply or any sort of acknowledgement from them about my cue, so decided to ask on Live help...

At 23:17 - now nearly 30 minutes ago.

For 5 minutes, it said I was 5th in the queue and would have to wait approximately 55 seconds...That went up to 1 minutes 22 seconds where it stayed for a further 5 minutes before going up again to 1 minute 23 seconds.... 10 minutes past before that went up to 2 minutes 55 seconds, then a few minutes ago my position changed to 4th and the time is 1 minute 22 seconds again.....

Do they employ ONE person in Live help??? And have someone with absolutely NO concept of time to say how long the wait is???

Really not happy.

.....3rd now and 1 minute 33 seconds.

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Maybe when you asked about your CUE,they thought you said QUEUE and that's why they've left you hanging on yout Big Smile
No seriously keep at them you'll get through eventually. Thumbs Up

Big Smile

....45 minutes waiting now.

2nd in the queue, and a 15 second wait...... for the last 10 minutes.

Truly appalling standard of customer service.

   0 reallly disapointing when yur in bad trouble and need assistance and they wont answer u directly especially on partypoker .thats why many players leave and closed there accounts on party .why ?dissatisfied service.unrealistic software ,and overcharging cashouts.player wanted to find more conveniet for plying but it seems that party dont have any adjustments and care for there players they think for us is stable players dont care whatever they like to do.

I've tried the "live chat" a few times at Party Poker, and I never had to wait for long, so that worked well. Never phoned them though. Emails also go unanswered sometimes.

Over 1 hour wait now.... been a long day, I'm tired and have work in the morning, followed by a 2 hour journey to college and a 2 hour journey back home, not getting home until nearly midnight....

If I actually do get through at any time, I'll copy and paste the conversation here.

I am not happy, and will make that very plain. I will also be requesting some kind of compensation for my ludicrously long wait.

1 hour 30 minutes waiting now.... it says 0 minutes and 0 seconds.... but still I wait.

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Live help is good only for small problem. You better send them a mail.

I won a prize once and it took very long with the support and after also long to received it
and it was only a poker timer.

So you will prbably play poker with you new cue in a few months. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Absolute fucking joke.

Nearly TWO FUCKING HOUR wait, then Live chat crashes and kicks me off.

I'm so angry right now.

Sent email:

Absolutely shocking level of customer support

You should be utterly ashamed of yourselves.

I won a prize in a bounty tourney over a week ago. Had no contact from you, so emailed. No reply.

Tried to speak to live help today.... spent TWO HOURS waiting to get through when it said 55 seconds.... seriously, how can this be???? Then when I got to first in the queue it crashed and kicked me out. 2 hours totally wasted. I have work early in the morning and now because of your utter ineptitude I am still awake at gone 1am, and am so angry I will not be able to sleep.

Seriously shoddy work.

I expect a reply to this email, firstly apologising to me for my troubles. Then I expect compensation for the time I've wasted trying to get through to your ridiculously understaffed live help. And I expect a reply to the question I asked DAYS ago which could've been incredibly simply answered.

Get it sorted for God's sake. I am truly amazed that a site once as great as you were has sunk so very, very low.


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lol guess one person handles all support xD and that is just one of the reasons PartPoker will never ever ever be no1 poker site in the World.

yes they have the worst customer service of all poker sites i made a thread about them last week i was even in the middle of a conversation with them and then had to wait for more than 30 minutes must have been lunch break or something hope you get your cue situation sorted asap

Credit where it's due - I don't like complaining for the sake of it...

Sent a tweet to @partypoker and it's all very quickly getting sorted out. They are also sending me free tickets to the Pool Masters by way of apology.

Good stuff Thumbs Up

Good one yout Smile glad its figured out now Thumbs Up

Good to see you are finally sorted it out but as seems to be the norm these days with any big company,the customer support really do not care how long you wait or what your problem is but as soon as you use something like twitter there is always someone there.
Are the free tickets the same ones you could have won if you had won the twitter tourney where you won the cue?

I believe they will just be for one of the days, whereas the prize stated "a set of tickets" so guess that meant for each day... but not sure. After speaking with someone on Twitter earlier, he has my mobile number and will be calling me at 5:15 today.

His exact words when I explained the situation:

I'm sorry to hear you had trouble with our support, and getting confirmation of your prize... so how do some tickets to come and watch, so you can collect the cue from him in person sound?

Then took my address and said he'd get it sorted immediately.

After such a bad experience yesterday, I have to say my faith in Party has been totally restored.

.....Now I just have to find someone to go with me Smile

you lucky bastard!

Nice result there yout Thumbs Up
i said you would get through to them, oh and you could always take IQA Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

With the experience you had with Party Poker customers services it look like that the best channel to settle problem with this site is Twitter. Never mind customer service ,phone,chat, or mai no good.
Twitter and its OK. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

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