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Ahh the zoom grind  0

Obviously the zoom grind will continue with the hope that I run into this guy again Thumbs Up

Might have bet a tad much on the turn, didn't want to give the flush draw good odds, and hope that they flatted something like A10 from position.

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Yeah, but he probably knew exactly what kind of cards you have at the moment you raised him from that position pre-flop. People do tend to play microstakes zoom in an ABC poker way, its really not hard to figure it out (especially on 6-max).
He will be doing this again from any position with any suited rags, cuz once somebody plays back at him he could cash in high with a favorable flop.

You have to play ABC poker, there's no way to try to get tricky because you're not really playing your opponent when there's a pool of 600 players, you come across them too infrequently. But he isn't playing ABC poker, making horrible calls that probably aren't profitable even when you account for implied odds (something literally no .01/.02 zoom player is ever accounting for. ever.), so my best guess is he is just mucking around in the smallest of stakes, something to not overthink.

Pretty sick river card. How this player could call the three bet with that hand i will never know but after the flop came down, i think that i would have to go all the way with that hand. You played the hand well and just got very unlucky

You don't beat AJ, you don't beat AK, you can't get value from many hands there... After he calls the turn I would put him on either 2 pairs, a set or a flush draw. But of course we don't know how the guy plays, maybe he likes to float & steal but at these stakes and on zoom it seems highly unlikely.

You didn't really make any mistake in the hand. Maybe an overbet on the turn could've been good, but if the guy is slow playing a monster it commits you to the pot, and donks will just call anyways with their flush draws Blink

Hi, everybody.

Yes, it is very offensive. The player 4 simply waited for the card. But anyway I wouldn't begin to raise so a rate in game.

Though to whom as. Everyone plays on a svoyeia to style.

Good luck all at tables and in life.

Dollar Dollar Dollar Worship Dollar Dollar Dollar

AK is deinfatley in this guy's 4 betting range is he is playing 10-4s. AJ would make more sense, but I feel he would rather raise for value on the turn rather than call. I think more floats/draws are in his range than hands than made hands that beat me.

Thing is, my bet on the turn was an integrated information/value bet than trying to push him out. His call pretty much eliminates all hands that beat me (that would have raised the turn most likely, hence the river check call). Could have saved myself a few cents, but hey, gotta pay to learn. Won't be playing micro zoom seriously from now on, as this hand is clearly evident of too much hog wash (for lack of a better term)

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I hate zoom because i have to concentrate too much and i play 4 tables so the action is too fast and i tend to go on autopilot and therefore at the end of the day my rd line goes down like crazy and i lose my bankroll fast, my advice to play zoom table is to play just 2 and have some normal tables and play the zoom slowly lol. Just mix it up, anyway good luck on zoom, i am staying away from zoom as i have lost some roll to that format!

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