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Little fun today with Nitro Car (Little)  0   
Today me and my brother bought some nitro cars which runs up to 80 km per hour.
Man those are cool cars size 1:10 and subaru and mercedes look.
I got mine started after a few tries, i was driving slow in small circles. Then i wanted to see how far i could take it before the signal stopped, BUT all of a sudden when i went out of range, it didnt stop.. nono it started accelerating from 30 KM per hour to 80 KM per hour and slashed into a wall 100 meters ahead LOL. Now my nitro car doesent work Agree WHY the hell didnt anyone tell me it would do that??? LOL
It can be repaired, but it will take some time and some cash Big Smile

Just wanted to share a little fun Smile

The funniest things can happen with radio controlled things when they suddenly loose radio contact Big Smile but of course there should be some kind of "if no signal, abort mission". But maybe it still thinks it has signal and it's telling the car to go full throttle?

Would probably have looked fun on video...

Haha im sad to hear but I did the same Aww crap!
I bought a 1/8 4wd nitro buggy half year ago same happend to me driving with it on the childrens motocross track suddenly it just raced fullspeed all the way to the other end of the track took a jump at full speed landed on the roof and burned the engine before I got to it.

You need a so called "fail safe" which will stop the car when out of reach.

Yea nice Big Smile

I dont have right now, but did race with friends made a track Cool
4 cars competing yes!!!! Cool

We had a lot people watching us soooo cool!!!!! Cool

I have hat somewhat the same thing happen to my 1:10 nitro car, it smashed a wall too but semi sidewais. The right front wheel broke off.
It was only 1 piece that broke so it didn't cost too much to fix

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