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Get in there Lewis!!!  +2   
Great win for Lewis Hamilton just now and a great win for me Big Smile
$120! Nice, very much needed, boost to my poker bankroll.
Bet my last $30 of poker money in Febuary on Lewis to win the F1 championship. Been a long wait but it's here now Big Smile
Just hope I can keep building it up now!

Good luck on and off the felts all Thumbs Up

Congratulations! Nice to have you back BT, best of luck with your roll at the tables. Worship


... Shock Ka-CHING...!!! Smile Thumbs Up Heart Dollar

...Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Once again I got the subject's names mixed up.... Confused

I thought maybe it had something to do with the boxer 'Lennox' Lewis.... Big Smile

Oh well,....knockouts occur in both anyway...! Cool

like demodawggy said KA-CHING!!!! Very good bullettooth1, you increased bankroll which will open your doors for more money!!! Just play it smart, and I hope you will win a lot of money!!!! Good luck on poker, betting and life!!!

Posted by mahdrof:
Congratulations! Nice to have you back BT, best of luck with your roll at the tables. Worship

thanks a lot mahdrof. It's good to be back playing again. I'm doing a lot more studying this time around so hopefully I can be a more consistent winner.
I signed up to a new ipoker site on Monday, got $10 which I turned into $37.
Through cash games and 4 cashes out of 4 tourneys. Which is Pretty great. 3were just over min cashes but one was a 6th place for €18. Slow but sure wins the race lol.

Ha demodawwgy. I'm going to have to give more detail in my title just for you lol. Big Smile Tongue

Thanks StheP Big Smile Thumbs Up

Edited by bullettooth1 (23 November 2014 @ 17:06 GMT)

What a bet. I could never place such a bet with so much time waiting. Smile
Not to mention that i would had completely forgot about the bet lol
Your inspiration was right. Justs keep the same luck at the tables now.
Good luck.

hey, thanks Mober.
Yeah it was one long old wait. Big Smile
Worked out well, tho. Because I was losing interest in poker at that time and now I've got my enthusiam for the game back just a week bvefore this money has come through. So I've had a week of studying and practising so hopefully I can make some good use of the money and make it grow.

I've just had an e-mail from skrill to tell me my money is in my account now Big Smile
That didn't take too long at all. Was expecting it to be tomorrow at the earliest. Big Smile Nice one Coral Thumbs Up
Take care all Big Smile

good result Bullet,gotta say though,when Nico had the electric failure and Hamilton had the championship wrapped up I was hoping Massa had enough in the tires to win the race.
Looking forward to the new season and hoping Button is still on and off the felts mobsters Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Very nice bet with avery good return on investment. Wish you good luck in increasin your bankroll on the poker tables. I am also very please th lewis won this race. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

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