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I cant log into party poker or partybets, is anybody else having problems?

Maintainence, there were notices up last night warning about it.

Ok, thanks. Until what time did they say?

I don't think they specified anything other than a 2:00 CET start time. I was playing cash until 2:15 CET though, without issue.

Edit: just tried it; they are back up.

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I just tried it and they are still down, is it just me or is everyone still having problems

For me it's up. I haven't tried to play though, but there seems to be plenty games running...

bwin is down
i guess party and bwin are the same
this is one long maintenance they are having
i mean it is more than 6 hours since i last checked
if they want compete with pokerstars , they need to get their stuff ( i meant another word ) straight
i will try again in one hour
hoping they give people who were supposed to play tournament their buy-in back

G'day mates

PartyPoker said that there maintenance was going to take like 8 hours for some of the cash games
Then all players will require to download a new update to play.
It also said that all its play money table will be unavailable until the early evening of Dec 4, 2014.
hope this helps.

wishing you all the best
be cool

Ronin Cool

I have just logged in to Party and it did do a quick update,only took about 30 seconds so I don't think it was a major change to the software.Though they do have some very pretty Christmas graphics. Smile
If I ever have any issues with the sites after an update I will just delete it and download it again and that seems to solve a lot of issues. Smile


Same thing here...! So I phoned them,...they are aware of the problem and have their IT nerds on it... Big Smile

Hey klash,...see if you can register for a game,... I thought I was logged in,...saw all the pretty blue main lobby,...then went to register for a game and then the log in thingy came up,...and I couldn't log in... Confused

When I was logged in I was checking what time the Christmas tree game was starting,I opened todays present,won 5 points,tried to register for tonight and it all went wrong.
Been to work since then and now can't log in at all so seems I may have just been lucky to get logged in.
A few weeks ago I wrote a review praising party poker and now I just feel like an idiot for saying it was my preferred site.......back to my nintendo DS casino game from now on...... Smile

I am pretty unhappy that they put the casino button so high up on the menu, that's lame

Crappy connection tonight has cost me $25 and counting....

It´s always the same the same the Maintainence make it go down
I have log in play the "under the tree" card won a freeroll entry and never get again so NO FREEROLL Aww crap! Aww crap!
It´s a shame but nothing to do about Confused Confused
Tomorrow is another day Cool Cool

Near the money in a $1k turbo.... Can't get on.

Strangely enough, the casino is working fine....

Anyone able to log in?

Just hoping I'm not getting blinded out...

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cant log in all afternoon Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

...Tourney cancelled.

Actually fairly satisfied with the outcome... I was in ~30/114 remaining with 94 paid. Received $17.90 back, which would've been the prize for around 35th, so not a total disaster.

With $400 up top though, I would've liked to play it out...

Okay, just saw this thread. So it was not only me not able to log in.
Tried to log in at Bwin yesterday evening to play that $250 freeroll, but was unable to get in.
Gave up trying after about an hour, thought it was my internet connection...

I still cant log into party poker, its been twenty four hours now.

The time now is nearly two o'clock in the afternoon in the UK and still cannot log into party poker,can't even get to the lobby this time.
This is supposed to be one of the biggest poker sites in the world so to be in this state after so long is ridiculous,i'm playing on 888 at the moment and I think I will be staying here for a while.Party seem to have some serious problems at the site these days and they will,if not already,lose what little trust they still have.

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