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Posted by ratovic80:
Posted by BeMyATMplz:
Posted by xgcsnippy:
MAgic river BS on stars again!!!

What would you guys do?

Redemption first hand after break!

Big Smile

I wouldn't even be in the tourney yet at this point.
In a 3x rebuy I wouldn't bother registering until about 40 minutes in.
As for the hands, by default I'd fold both pre to the 3bet, but as this is a rebuy everything is possible Big Smile

@ OP, definitely stick to the $0.25 45 mans rather than the $0.50 9 man turbos. You will have a bigger winrate per game with much lower swibngs. I don't know about your multitabling and poker abilities but it will be almost always the better way if you have the time to play non turbo MTSNGs. Especially with the nice gesture of mahdrof you can start over at them again.

About your monetary situation - don't you get monetary support from your country being unemployed? I can't imagine someone living in the EU living that much on edge to having to withdraw every penny basicly.

Hey BeMyATMplz, thanks for your words.

I'm definitely doing the $0.25 45 mans grind. I only played the $0.50 9 man turbos when my roll was bigger than 50$.

Regarding the monetary situation: the government gives me some money every month, which is not enough to pay the essential bills. I pay my rent, the water and the electricity. The internet is "stolen" from my landlord. To eat I have to go to my parents or sister house. So you can imagine how hard this is. Living in the EU southern countries is not that good mate, maybe you guys at Germany don't realize how bad it the life in Portugal, Greece or Spain. I'm thinking on moving to England in the next year.

That's sad to hear man, seems that unemployed german people are living a luxurious life in comparison then.
I'm not sure how much you need to earn per month but if it's just to earn a little extra money to have a little better life, then stick to the non turbos definitely.
The only reason why I prefer turbos over non turbos is the hourly rate and because they're easier to mass table.
However, if you have the time to grind it out at non turbos then definitely do so.
Not sure how many tables you play etc. but definitely try to increase that number little by little. If you can get a good amount of tables combined with a good amount of time spent playing per day you should easily make a few dollars every day on average, which seems like it will help you a lot.
If you have skype and ever want to talk feel free to reach me.


Posted by BeMyATMplz:
That's sad to hear man, seems that unemployed german people are living a luxurious life in comparison then.

My parents are from the Valencia region of Spain and it is very difficult there too. Some of my cousins have been out of work for several years from good jobs, and can only find seasonal work picking oranges and such. The Iberian peninsula is a beautiful place but right now life isn't easy for a lot of people there.

Yeah the best thing you can do now is really taking a break. Clear your mind and enjoy the christmas holiday. After that you will be able to make a better decision than now. And if you want play some freerolls - no risk.

I feel your pain also got smash around at pokerstars and for time the days are pretty dark Aww crap! Aww crap!
My regret is not be able to play the the rigged place christmas because I don´t think I´ll manage a deposit before the 20th of december
Let´s hope that the situation turns until then Aww crap! Aww crap!

Dude that does not sound cynical at all as a matter of fact it is quite inspirational and a little uplifting. I think he actually did that to begin with ( the hard work) and I think you are right with the need to persevere as that hard work repeated should bear the fruits.
Keep working it Ratovic Cool

Hello BRM friends,

In the past week I've been awfully sick... I caught the flu and also a problem with my stomach (which I don't know the correct name in english) that made the recovery took a lot longer. But now I'm fine Thumbs Up

I managed not to play poker for quite some days, and now i'm back at the tables. I'll be trying to grind up the dollars that MASTER MAHDROF kindly loaned me, in order to mark my presence at the Christmas BRM tournament.

GL to you all, I'll be posting news soon!

Glad to ear that you are now in good health Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Hope that you rebuild your bankroll and I´ll be waiting for your posting news with great news Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Wish you the best at the task ahead and keep on fighting Big Smile Big Smile

"When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going"

Best of luck to you may "the poker goods" be with you

Hello everybody,

I was playing a tournament on Pokerstaars and decided to min-raise with pair of Aces from early position. I got called as I hoped from a very loose player. I checked the flop and he bet pot as always. I shoved, but he had 2 pair.

STOP PLAYING AT FULL TILT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(if you do)

Well, bankroll management would be grate if you can manage to show such winning from 0. I have seen people doing hard Dollar Dollar Dollar from scrap. It's not impossible, nothing is. Bankroll management takes you to the next 10 levels.

Hello fellow Mobsters!

Back at the tables... and the forum!

I managed to win a couple of 0.25c tournaments almost in a row! I feel the break I've made was good enough to clear my thoughts and regain more confidence.

Having doubled up my roll to almost 10 bucks I signed up for the Christmas tournament (although it's not the proper bankroll management option). Big Smile

I've returned the dollars that Master Mahdrof has loaned me, and i'll restart my grind with little more than 3 dollars. Once again my thanks Master Mahdrof Worship

I hope I see you all at the Christmas tournament so we can all have fun tonight.

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